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Skin spray testimonials

"The skin spray helped me a lot when I got sick with a bad cold.  I got better fast.  I have weak immunity so colds usually wipe me out for a long time. I love this stuff!, it's wonderful!  You can use my name."

Tom Duquette


"I am using the skin spray for what Master said, sinus and intestinal aid.  I do it once a day.  I noticed I slept better...my sinus issues decreased…"

"I have been using the spray every day for the past two weeks. I can breathe better when I spray it on my chest! I think my skin is clearing up on my face. I have red complexion and this seems to be lightening it.."



"I've had Rosacea for years and have been taking medicine to try and control it. After using Dao Mist for the Skin, my face started to feel much cooler. The red inflamed look that I always had started to fade. My face looks whiter. I am going to ask my Doctor to lessen my medicine. I bought some for my sister with the same condition. I think she looks better as well."

"I use the skin spray every other day for my lungs. I think my sinuses are doing better."

"I have had great results with stopping itchy skin on my arm ASAP. Immediately! Nothing not even ice works like this, Also I have been spraying it on my face. I think my brown spots on my forehead are getting lighter. After one week of using the spray on my forearm my bowels completely changed for the best!"

"My skin is covered with red inflamed patches all over my body. No one has been able to help me get relief from my itching and inflamed skin. The only time I get peace is after I use the dao Mist for the skin. I used the spray last night and got complete relief from my itch for three hours... I use it during the day and get relief for at least three hours at a time.  It seems to calm and cool the inflamed tissue."



"After using the "Dao Mist for the Skin" for three months now…I noticed the brown spots on my face, arms , and hands have lightened. The pre cancer brown spot on my face has gotten smaller and looks like it wants to just slowly fall off. I will keep you posted. My bowels continue to be perfect! I have no more itchy winter skin."

"I have been using Dao Mist for the Skin on my chest where I have a few pre cancer spots that I need to watch. I can!t believe it, they are fading away!!!!"



"My skin feels so much better after using Dao Mist for the Skin. I have Psoriasis, and I get instant relief from the itching and pain as soon as I spray it on. My spots look lighter and less scaly."


"I have been using the Dao Mist for the Skin on my dry flakey skin and it is helping! Also after I had a tumor removed from my back I started using the mist on my red skin there. It looks great now! The scar is so much lighter! I love this stuff. "



"I have had a mole on my arm since childhood.  Over the years it got bigger, dark brown and hard.  Now using the skin spray, it is much much lighter and softer. The spray takes away my liver spots on my cheeks too."

"I have a saxophone student that is 15 years old and is a beautiful girl with acne on her face, shoulders, back, and chest. She also uses an inhaler for breathing problems. During a lesson I sprayed some Dao Mist for the Skin on her face and chest. immediately she told me that she got instant relief from her tight throat and chest, and air passages.. She was able to play saxophone for an hour and not use her inhaler! This was a surprise to us. I know the mist brings down inflammation but so quickly to open blocked air passageways was a pleasant surprise! She started using the Dao Mist daily on her troubled skin. In one week she showed up to her next lesson and her skin was completely changed! She had no red irritation around the pimples. Less pustules and blackheads and a general smoothness to her skin. The out breaks were so much less, and she was all smiles! She told me that she was spraying her face and chest instead of using her inhaler and it worked better! Her Mother is very happy because they prefer to use natural substances rather then have her daughter on so much medicine.

Her Mom has started using the Dao Mist on her face to help with Rosacea and has bought extra to share with her friend's son who also has Asthma.



"I know Dao Mist for the Skin is suppose to help the skin but I feel so much better after I spray it on my face. My head stops hurting, my eyes quit burning and I just feel relaxed. I think my skin is lighter as well.”