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The Inner Beauty Retreat will run from August 24-29, 2007. Participants will have a rare opportunity to learn directly from the Master. The five-day immersion retreat has the Master personally guiding participants through self-healing tools and techniques that unlock the code to regain facial and skin beauty, lose weight where one wants to, obtain relief from pain, stress, and fatigue, gracefully move through menopause, enhance sexual energy and much more. 


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Master Hong provides
one on one care.

“The workshops are great, but I want to spend more time with Master Hong because I want to learn more.” This request has been voiced over many years. In response, Master Hong has now developed a series of retreats for those wanting to have a life-changing and life-affirming experience. The retreats will be held in different venues, including the NHRF Retreat Center in Hawaii. Retreats include Inner Beauty, Transforming Stress, Cancer Hero, Sound Weight Loss, Drug Rehabilitation, and personal or individualized programs for shorter or longer periods of time.

Master believes that we all have the unique ability to heal ourselves. The key is in learning practices that will help us to balance internal organ energy and clear blockage from the meridians. The advantage of a program is that many natural healing modalities can be brought into play and the sum is greater than the parts.

In a retreat format, participants will have the opportunity to learn specific forms, Qi Gong Medical Practices, Reflexology exercises, natural foods and recipes, and other powerful “self-healing tools” that can be used on a daily basis throughout our lives.

Throughout China
13-Day China Tour
June 20 to July 1, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
5-Day Advanced I & II Retreat
July 25-29, 2007

Big Island, Hawaii
Mauna Lani Inner Beauty Retreat
August 24-29, 2007

Honolulu, Hawaii
5-Day Advanced III & IV Retreat
December 3, 2007