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Natural Healing Drug Rehab Retreat
Treating the Root Cause, Creating a New Life
My name is John. I was in world of trouble and couldn’t pull myself out of it. I had been on drugs for most of my adult life, including starting marijuana use at 9 years old, and then on to cocaine, downers, pain pills, ice, and heroin. I was so desperate that I even sniffed gasoline! I had been in four different programs ranging from 7 days to 9 months over 20 years, including residential and outpatient. They were mostly covered by insurance and welfare through food stamps and stipends. I also spent one year in jail.

Left: Before Retreat | Center: After Retreat | Right: 6 Months Later
"Now that I have completed the program…this is the missing link in my life. I thank God and Master Hong for getting me to this point in my life. This is a life come true experience for me. I feel that I am finally healed of drugs and my other health conditions. My thinking is healthier and I share this knowledge with my friends and family. People know that I am clean and healthy by my appearance. They look at my face and see the drastic change from the wear and tear of years of abuse to a healthy weight gain (175 to 200 lbs). I have my health back.”

When I heard about Master Hong’s drug rehab program, my first reaction was, “What are these guys gonna tell me that I haven’t heard before? I knew more about drug rehab than most of the people who were administrating the programs.”

I walked into a whole new world from day 1. The perspective and approach was nothing like I had experienced before. I have been through many programs where the focus was on the psychological, whereas Master’s program focused on the root cause of addiction. Further, it involved a more holistic detoxification approach (cleansing from the inside out) that eliminated the physical withdrawal symptoms. It is an energy-based program that used a broad range of practices from Natural Healing.

My real challenge when I came into the program was boredom and not having the tools to deal with it from within, which is why I relapsed. I learned to set up a healthy schedule. The program gave me many positive things that I can do for myself. I learned more about good nutrition and knowledge about the mind-body that has helped me from the inside out.”

There are no words to explain it. It is a spiritual change in me. Now that I am at home, I have a lot more trust from my family. The spirit of God is lit in me. There is a light glowing from inside. I am so happy with this gift and I want so share this with other people. There is a bigger picture to all of this. Even though I received a diploma for the program, the real certificate is in my heart and brain. This program gives you the real chance. It’s taking the root out and the mind is stronger. It’s beyond that a craving is gone…it’s something foreign to me. I am more patient, more peaceful and I am at that one harmony level at all times

Master Hong’s Natural Healing Drug Rehab Program is an innovate approach to drug addiction. This new paradigm revitalized the internal organs in which all addicts have functional disorder. Further, the fundamental physical craving—over which the user has no control is addressed and treated. It combines optimal therapies from natural healing and utilizes the strengths of Western and Eastern approaches.

We recommend reading the reports included in this section on programs run by Master Hong in the past several years for more detailed information on the components and philosophy. For additional information, please contact (626) 445-4824.