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4.16.2013 | China

China Tour 2013

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Energy Tours
Traveling with Master Hong
Itís one thing to travel for recreational purposes or to see the sites in another countryóitís another to travel with Grandmaster Hong. Traveling with the Master offers opportunities for people to gather and release energies in special locations. Experiencing the unique transformations from the energies in special areas and religious sites is an important part of Qi Gong and other spiritual training.

On Energy Tours in other countries, you will travel through areas noted for their spiritual and healing capacities; meditate and/or pray in temples and sacred places and gain audience with spiritual leaders of Master Hong's acquaintance, and learn about the cultural and historical background of the area and its health practices.

On residential Energy Retreats, you will learn esoteric Qi Gong practices and techniques for gathering special energies in one natural location. The special energies of different locations is explained in Five Element Theory and the Yi Jing (Book of Changes).

Past Energy Tours have traveled to Sequoia, CA (ancient tree energy), Sedona, AZ (red earth energy), Alaska (glacier energy and energy of the North), Big Island, Hawaii (volcano, ocean, and South Point energies), and China (many energies, traveling with the Grandmaster to the Source).