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Energy Tour to China 2007 Photogallery
During the last 12 days of June, a group of 30+ individuals had the unique opportunity of traveling with Grandmaster Hong from the ancient capitol of China (beginning of the Silk Road) in the West to the hustle-bustle of modern Shanghai in the Southeast. Along the way, we berthed in the birthplace of Confucius, lingered in the lingering gardens of Suzhou, took in the solemnity and majesty of pre-Olympics Beijing, and much, much more. Letís allow the pictures and travelers comments guide you through this memorable journey.

During the 12-day tour to 7 cities in China we visited Beijing including the Forbidden City, Tian An men Square, and the Summer Palace. We also saw the Temple of Heaven, Cloud Taoist Temple, and a Chinese acrobatic show. In Xi'an we saw the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, and a Tang Dance show. We also visited the Tera Cotta warriors of the first emperor Chin Shi Huang and the Husqing Hot Spring. We went to Qufu and had a Confucian family feast of at least 40 different dishes and toured the Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family mansion. We went by bus to the Jade Emperor Peak, then to Shanghai and Suzhou and visited gardens and a silk factory.