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I have cancer. I have been through surgery, the medications, chemotherapy, and radiation, but my cancer markers were increasing. I felt there had to be something more I could do for myself along with conventional medicine. A friend recommended Grandmaster Hong. She sent me the Unsolved Mysteries DVD on Master Hong. I read his book and went to his website.

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I came to Master Hong Liu for Qi Gong healing because all other methods had failed. I had been diagnosed by Western doctors as having an ovarian tumor. I also suffered from severe lower back pain, among other things. The pain kept me up most of the night, every night. After two Qi Gong healing sessions with Master Liu and practiced Qi Gong exercises, I had a follow-up altra-sound and was told that my tumor was completely gone. My pain is almost non-existent and I look forward to each day with renewed optimism. I am very thankful that Master Hong Liu is in my life
Ingrid Rameau
Santa Monica, CA
I read Master’s Book, Mastering Miracles. My husband and I are both retired and on a limited budget. Getting around is not that convenient, and we live far from L.A. We found out that remote energy work could be an option. My husband has had continuous ear infections for several years. He has been on medication and had an operation, but the ear infections continued. The remote energy work with Master Hong worked beautifully. My husband felt a warm surge of energy in his ear. The next day, the pain, swelling and inflammation disappeared. Thank Master again for his extraordinary ability.
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Master Hong has more than three decades of experience, learning and training in the 5000-year-old tradition of energetic medicine. He has developed special abilities, including the ability to perceive blockages in a person's energy channels (meridians), and imbalances in a person's internal organ energy. Master informs his clients of the root cause or causes of their problems, and puts together a comprehensive program for them, including several practices from natural healing and energetic medicine to help them help themselves. Master’s approach is not alternative, but rather a supportive or complementary approach to conventional medicine.

His approach to energy work is quite different than that of a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor. He doesn't look at the tongue or take the pulse. There is no need for the client to tell Master Hong about his or her health problems. He directly perceives energy by shifting his intent. He tells the client what is going on with their energy in relation to their physical body, and mental and spiritual state.

Another one of Master Hong's special abilities is emitting External Qi to help open blockages in the body's meridians, improve circulation, balance the person's energy, and increase self-healing energy. Many people who have had a consultation with Master Hong have experienced immediate or near immediate relief from physical and mental pain, expediting them on the road to recovery. Master Hong designs personal programs for his clients that includes:

Remote Energy Work is a special service that the Master provides for clients who either live great distances from him or have an immediate need for services. This is a dimension of energy work that few others possess. It is actually more accurate to refer to this process as the “remote transmission of Qi.”


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