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Sports Injury Consultation
The origins of sports medicine lie in ancient Greece and ancient Rome where physical education was a needed aspect of youth training and athletic contests first became a part of everyday life during these times. The first sports injury doctors treated the gladiators in the Coliseum.

There is much more to sports medicine than just musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. Illness or injury in sport can be caused by many factors from environmental to physiological and psychological. Consequently, sports medicine can encompass an array of specialties, including cardiology, pulmonology, orthopedic surgery, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and traumatology.

Grandmaster Hong is a specialist in sports injury, from a tradition dating back thousands of years. At the core of his approach is a combination of External Qi and other modalities. The Master has helped thousands with sports-related injuries, from professional athletes to weekend warriors to child athletes. We invite you to read the text of an interview with the Master a few years ago on sport injury to better understand his approach.