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Cosmetic Surgery Rehab

I admit to being a vain woman. Iíve had 3 facelifts. After each surgery Iíve suffered through a long period of pain and convalescence. I vowed I would never do it again. Several years later, I would become dissatisfied with what my mirror was showing me. I remembered the compliments I got after the last procedure, and would consider maybe having another surgery. The memory of the pain was still there, but it wasnít so strong. I wondered if I could get the positive results without the side effects. I had done energy work with Master Hong the previous year for lower back pain, with excellent results, so I called to see if he could help me with a facelift procedure. The Master said he could. He designed a complete program from before, during and after the surgery. The pain I experienced was lessened considerably, the recovery period was shortened, and my doctor kept asking me what I had done as the results were faster and deeper than he had expected. My husband, children, friends all felt I looked much younger. They asked if I had found the ĎFountain o Youth.í With Master in my corner, I am now contemplating a breast augmentation. Though I prefer to remain anonymous, I would heartily recommend Master Hong to anyone considering cosmetic surgery


The success of a facelift is dependent on the skill and experience of surgeon and the clientís recuperative ability. Masterís program is based on the problems or side effects of the procedure including pain, swelling, scarring, infection and prolonged convalescence. He works with the client before, during and after the procedure.

The program includes energy consultation with the Master, remote energy work, Qi Gong medical exercises, natural foods and recipes, and mind-body energy practices. Prior to the surgery, it is important to enhance immune system and recuperative ability. During the surgery, Master sends energy to the client (remote energy work). From the time the anesthesia wears off until complete recovery, the client is using the components (tools) of the program to help them realize reduced pain, inflammation, swelling, scarring and convalescence.

Master Hong wasnít in town when I had my face lift, so I scheduled a remote session. I was in a lot of pain and my face was all bandaged up. I took a sip of the water I was told to prepare, and tried to follow (with my mind) the course of water as it moved through my body. I first noticed a sensation in the scar from a previous operation, but nothing on my face. Master Hong explained that it was because my face was bandaged reducing the initial sensitivity. Later in the session, I felt warming sensations in my face. The pain in my face was reduced dramatically, and 20-30 minutes after the session, I could feel through the bandages that the swelling had also gone down considerably. I was surprised and happy at how successful the energy work was.