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Energy Work and Cancer
"Does Energy Work Really Work?"
I have cancer. I have been through surgery, the medications, chemotherapy, and radiation, but my cancer markers were increasing. I felt there had to be something more I could do for myself along with conventional medicine. A friend recommended Grandmaster Hong. She sent me the Unsolved Mysteries DVD on Master Hong. I read his book and went to his website.

I live in Florida. When I calculated the cost of flying to Los Angeles, car rental, hotel, etc I felt that I should try a remote energy work session before I committed to making the trip to Los Angeles. Also, I wanted to approach it in a scientific way. I had recently had my PSA level tested. I would have the remote energy work session, and then have the test done again. In essence, a before/after comparison. I wanted to rule out any psychological factors, like, I feel better, or I have less pain.

With this in mind, I had a remote energy work session with Grandmaster Hong. The follow-up lab reports showed that my PSA count had dropped considerably and my blood pressure was finally in the normal range.

I was elated. Next, I decided to fly out from my home in Florida to see Grandmaster Hong, despite the costs involved, hoping that the results from a face-to-face consultation would be even deeper. Before I left, I had a larger round of tests done as a baseline, and my blood pressure remained normal. The results after the in-person energy work were dramatic. All three prostate-related results were impressive.

My medications hadnt achieved these results. My doctors confirmed the lab results, but could not explain the improvement. Now, the only question that remains for me is how long the results will last. I am continuing with the program, and will report on the progress. I heartily recommend energy work with the Grandmaster. It has worked wonders for me, and I believe it will for others.