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A western-trained physician in China, researcher, and Grandmaster of Qi Gong, Master Hong came to the United States with the mission of bringing the knowledge and experience of natural healing to the West. He wrote the first book on Qi Gong, The Healing Art of Qi Gong (softcover) or Mastering Miracles (hardcover), published by Warner Books, and has dedicated his life to healing, research, teaching and establishing a non-profit organization, the Natural Healing Research Foundation to educate and research complementary health programs to help with the world's greatest health challenges.

Master Hong and Dr. Lynn Thomas in the laboratory.

Master Hong has worked with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institutes (NCI), researching Chinese herbs that may have significant therapeutic benefit in adjunct cancer treatment. He is an adjunct professor with the University of Hawaii. The University has been a co-sponsor of Master's Asthma Humanitarian Event over the last four years and a Natural Healing Drug Rehab program for crystal methamphetamine addicts--both with encouraging results.

Master's mission is to show the efficacy of self-healing practices from natural healing to complement conventional health practices through education, implementation, and research. His vision is to teach and train the trainers through retreats and workshops as a direct method for people to prevent disease, enjoy greater longevity, and fulfill their innate potential. Master wants us to "glow old, not grow old."

There are 30 or more Newspaper and Magazines that have consensually featured Master Hong Liu with his celebrities clients.