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Qi Gong HIV Research
Case Report Qigong HIV Study July 14, 2007
John is a 50 year old man who has been human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive for 15 years. During this time his medical status had gradually declined in that his immune functioning has decreased and the HIV load (amounts of HIV detected in his blood) increased. These problems have developed even though heís undergoing ongoing all of the medication treatments currently available for suppressing HIV.

Because of his gradually worsening medical status he requested qigong interventions and advice which he enthusiastically followed en total.

John underwent the following interventions for a period of 2 months:

  • Basic 8 exercises for 30 minutes each morning
  • Supplementary qi gong exercises for 20 minutes each night
  • Dietary interventions daily
  • Two external qigong treatments each of approximately 40 minutes duration
  • For one week he took Master Hongís #1 Tea Herbal Formula

At the end of two months, he underwent repeat testing of all HIV biological parameters as depicted in the table below. Dates of previous tests and results are provided and the most recent results are highlighted in bold.

T-Cell Test Results Over 2 Years
January 05 June 06 January 07 May 07
T Helper Cells 512 437 324 720
T Helper/T Suppressor Ratio 16% 19% 18% 30%
HIV quantity 379 27,000 34,953 10,093

T Helper Cells are immune cells which coordinate and promote the bodyís ability to prevent or rapidly clear infection. In HIV, T Suppressor cells are problematic when elevated relative to T Helper Cells.

The changes in Johnís tests indicate that both the T Helper Cell numbers and the T Helper to T Suppressor ratios were markedly improved at retesting in May of 2007. Johnís caregivers were very surprised and highly pleased with Johnís improvements.


Dr. Jay Griffith, University of Colorado, is a long-term apprentice of Master Hong. He has had many years of research experience. His most recent research has been with HIV patients, using naural healing approaches. The results he found in a short period of time show that using natural healing approaches with conventional medicine is a new road for help with difficult to treat diagnoses. This complementary approach is encouraging and should hopefully pave the way for more case studies. Below, it a brief of his findings. For more information, please contact:

Sumalee Griffith, Oriental Medicine Doctor
Phone number: (303) 377-1159
Website: eastdenverorientalmedicine.com