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Summer Respiratory Event Is a Success:
Attendees Eager for Winter Immunity Event
During the three hottest (highest Universal Yang energy) days of summer 2008, the Asthma Humanitarian Events were carried out on two Hawaiian islands, Kauai and Oahu. These events, sponsored by the Natural Healing Research Foundation (NHRF), offered complementary medicine approaches for respiratory disorders such as rhinitis, allergies, and asthma. The cumulative attendance of the three days in Honolulu and Kauai was almost 1000 people.

Another important aspect of the Asthma Humanitarian Events was the collection of useful research data. Blood tests which measured the level of immunoglobulins (antibodies) were done and lung function data (measured by spirometer) were collected from volunteer subjects.

One of the most important goals of the Asthma Humanitarian Events was to serve and educate the community. The Events also addressed the important purpose of using scientific/medical research to validate and support the effectiveness of natural/complementary healing methods.

The foundation received much positive response from the community regarding the results and effects of the Events.

Example I:

Sandra Takizawa (56 years old now) has been suffering from rhinitis, allergies and asthma since she was about 10 years old. The prescription drugs that she had used over the years to treat her symptoms were Advair, Albuterol Sulfate, Prednisone and Claritin.

On 7/17/08 she was admitted to the Emergency Room due to an asthma attack. At the hospital she was given nebulizer treatments. Nebulizers are used to administer medicine by converting the medicine into mist to be inhaled. Although Sandra experienced some relief from the medication, she also felt very jittery from the high dosage. She came to the first 2008 Asthma Humanitarian Event two days later still feeling that she could hardly breathe.

Twenty minutes after the herbal patches were applied, she experienced significant relief in her breathing. Her breathing continues to be easier and deeper. She has been able to decrease her medications.

The above example shows a positive response as reported by the attendee. As much as their subjective experience is important, the support of medical research data is needed to prove the effectiveness of the natural healing method of herbal patching.

Example II:

A male volunteer subject in his 40’s had the lung function level of an 89-year old (as measured by spirometer). He exhibited the typical characteristics of an asthmatic person, with the pattern of short, shallow chest-breathing. The day after his patches were applied, his lung function was measured again and it had improved to the level of a 53-year-old. See his spirometer results marked as Example II on the two charts below:

Spirometer Results for Example II

The goals of the Asthma Humanitarian Events address several areas:

  • To serve and educate the community
  • To further explore and validate the effectiveness of natural healing methods by engaging in medical research
  • To attempt a breakthrough in the healing of respiratory illnesses through natural healing methods

In the perspective of natural healing, people who suffer from respiratory diseases have two fundamental problems—weak digestive systems (stomach/spleen energy) and low immunity (kidney energy).

The Summer Asthma Humanitarian Events were designed to improve lung energy during the three hottest days. The Winter Events address the immune system function, applying herbal patches during the three coldest days (highest Universal Yin energy) to tonify kidney energy, thereby improving immunity.

This strategic use of herbal patches on the human body during the hottest/coldest times of the year to heal respiratory disease pertains to the fields of chronobiology* and chronotherapy**.

To further improve the quality and depth of the medical research portion of the Asthma Humanitarian Event, we have engaged in the following in 2008, the fifth year of Asthma Humanitarian Events:

  • More medical personnel are involved in the research team to strengthen and improve the quality
  • Larger number of research subjects
  • More in-depth research data being collected (data from blood tests and spirometer)

Western medicine is most effective for a respiratory disease patient during an asthma attack. Western medicine in this situation can save lives. Natural healing methods offer an effective complement in preventive medicine. During the times when their symptoms are in control patients can learn how to strengthen and support themselves. By improving one’s immunity, the ultimate goal is to react less to environmental allergens and to be better able to combat viral/bacterial infections.

Through the activities of the Asthma Humanitarian Events, the NHRF and Master Hong wish to further integrate Western Medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine. Combining ancient wisdom and modern medical research, we seek to explore and validate the effectiveness of natural healing to complement Western medicine.

*Chronobiology examines biological rhythms and how they relate to solar and lunar rhythms. Chronobiological studies include biological rhythm applications to a wide range of biological fields including physiology, genetics, molecular biology, reproduction, evolution and the behavior of organisms.
**Chronotherapy refers to treatment that involves the timing of treatment according to biological rhythms or the manipulation of biological rhythms as a form of treatment. Examples include 1) treatments for circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and 2) optimization of schedules for administering medication.

We want to acknowledge and thank Friends of Hawaii Charities for supporting NHRF and the Qi Center and for generously donating to this event. Many thanks to the research doctors and medical personnel for adding more depth to the research and to the numerous volunteers who devoted their time and energy to the success of this year’s event.