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Healing Art Of Qi Gong Book

Master Hong's book, written with Paul Perry, tells the remarkable story of his personal discovery and quest to master the art of qigong healing as a young man in China.

A Chinese Qi Gong expert joins a bestselling writer to bring a powerful, ancient healing art to a Western audience. Trained at the most prestigious hospitals in China and at the mountain cave home of a Qi Gong master, Master Liu is the first person to fully integrate extensive apprenticeships in both Eastern and Western medicine. Now, with this ground-breaking book, he tells his extraordinary story, and shares the energizing, health-enhancing therapies that have been used in China for over three thousand years with near-miraculous results.
From Booklist

In the first third of this book, Liu tells how he was instructed in one type of Chinese healing by Master Kwan, who lived in a three-room mountaintop cave and looked on the difficult climb to it as a test of motivation for patients, students, and apprentices. Kwan's striking diagnoses--achieved apparently by using only his eyes--Liu shows to be neither paranormal nor miraculous but the result of intense study and long experience. Once Liu learned the lesson of humility, Kwan became teacher rather than taskmaster. Later, when Liu, having taken his M.D., worked in a Western-style Shanghai hospital, he gradually brought his bosses around to believing Chinese medicine had much to offer. In the book's remaining two-thirds, Liu reports on several cases to show how he thinks and works; relays many herbal recipes; and describes, with illustrations, helpful exercises for both patients and those desirous of keeping good health. Liu seems to understand himself and other people, and he urges a close relationship between Chinese and Western medicines. by William Beatty