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Cancer Testimonials

"It's a Miracle: I Flushed My Colon Cancer Away!"
Name: Pat Prince (name permission granted) Age: 64 Testimonial on 6/17/11

Note: This was a successful special case, but there are no guarantees for others.

My name is Pat Prince. I want you to know my testimonial because I want you to realize the power that you can also have for fighting cancer.

For a couple years I had bled with bowel movements, but I had assumed it was because of an internal hemorrhoid. My bowel movements were very regular, one to three times in the morning. The first movement of the day would be striped with dark red or bright red. The second bowel movement would have little to no blood and the third movement had none.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer on Nov. 9, 2010. A colonoscopy had revealed a two inch long tumor attached to the inside wall of my colon. It was crescent shaped. About two-thirds of the passageway was obscured by the tumor. SEE ATTACHMENT A.

The doctors wanted to treat by doing immediate surgical removal. I wanted to see what other options I had. I remembered a Master Hong who had gotten rid of my wife's parents' cancers in 1998. My wife's mom had breast cancer, her dad had tear duct cancer.

On Nov. 18 a second (partial sigmoid) colonoscopy was done to confirm the diagnosis, and it did. The pictures looked exactly the same as in the first colonoscopy. The doctors still wanted to operate.

Nov. 22, 2010 was the first time I went to see Master Hong--in Phoenix, Arizona. Master Hong did a treatment that I refer to—affectionately-- as "beatings". It is a method for opening up blockages in the body. He told me "Give yourself a miracle- use the power of your mind and do your exercises."

I got started on the program he had designed for me—

  • 2 herbal enemas every other day
  • Four Body Pyramid Medical Qi gong exercises daily (I'm doing not as much now)
  • Healing foods and recipes

After I had seen Master Hong the first time, I started feeling a lot better and could eat again. (I could barely eat before). I did actually want to lose weight, in a healthy way, and since then I have lost 30 lbs in six months and then leveled off in weight for the last 1-2 months.

Meanwhile, further medical testing had been done on Dec.1. Based on that CAT scan, the doctors changed my diagnosis to Stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis to the liver. There was cancer in two areas in the liver with a diameter of about 2 inch and 3-4 inches. They said that 35% of the liver was compromised, that the cancer had spread throughout the liver, lung, stomach, and kidney. They wanted to do radiation and chemotherapy. SEE ATTACHMENT B [pp 1 and 2].

They 'gave' me six months to live, but I wasn't willing to accept the 'gift'. I went for a bigger gift.

They wanted to put me in a blind trial for 6 months. Half of the participants would receive placebo. I might not be getting any treatment. I didn't go for it.

[Pat's wife Christie added, "Because the liver was shown to be involved, the doctors didn't want to operate anymore. They wanted to have him be on chemo for the rest of his life. They said if he didn't have chemotherapy, he had 6 months. If he did chemo, he had maybe two years. They would need to put in a port [portable catheter]."]

Pat said, "I preferred 6 months of reasonable life. Then, after two months of following the program Master Hong had developed for me, I did a remarkable thing.

On Jan 20, 2011, I passed the colon tumor as a bowel movement! It was clearly not any kind of digested food. It was crescent-shaped, kind of elliptically shaped, two inches long. It looked like in the colonoscopy pictures, but shrunken. The shape like a "shallow crescent" looked like it had receded against the wall before detaching. It was reddish brown and smooth, except the back side where it had been attached to the colon. It was not exactly spongy—it was kind of shiny.

I flushed it away!

There was an immediate change in my bowel movements that fits with the tumor having been expelled. My bowel movements before January 20 were skinny, string-like and ribbon-like. The doctors were so surprised. This does not normally happen.

Afterward, the bowel movements returned to normal, larger diameter, no longer string-like. There was one day shortly after that had the most blood in the stool and then later it stopped having blood.

On Jan. 27, 2011, I sent a 3-day stool test to a lab, as recommended by my kinesiologist. The doctor analyzing my results said that although I still had bacteria in my liver and gall bladder, most things were normal, including a normal finding in the result that is checked for colon cancer! And there was no blood found in the stool. SEE ATTACHMENT C [pp 1-4].

Since I "passed" the cancer, I have done one phone remote session with Master Hong and taken his Body Pyramid workshop. I have followed his program, although less so than at first.

On May 22 I made it to the six month mark alive! I have outlived the doctor's prediction. I am up and around and I can travel.

[Pat's wife adds, "he got past it and has a whole different outlook."]

I take a simple approach—I say to myself, "take this day because taking this day."

I think the body is capable of doing about anything you ask it to do. You have to be aware enough to ask.

Remote healing: Brain Tumor Gone—a Miracle!
Male, Age: 70

Family email: "Please give Master the great news that my uncle had an MRI this week and his brain tumor is completely gone!!! My family cannot thank Master, you, Lynn and the rest of the staff enough for all you have done. You are the best!...I have referred you a lady who has lung cancer."

Analysis: This is a good case, but remote energy sessions are not 100% successful.

Why was the uncle successful?

  • Especially when his Western treatment was not successful, maybe he put his trust even more in God, in the Universe's energy, and in himself.
  • During the remote healing times, he relaxed his whole body and concentrated.
  • He followed through with the program I developed for him.

Prostate Case #1: PSA (prostate cancer marker) went from 10 to 2.3
49 years old, Bank Vice President

"One year ago my doctors told me that my PSA was at a 10. My wife and I were extremely concerned because there is a history of prostate cancer in my family and my job requires me to sit in an office for at least 10-12 hours a day. I've been practicing Body Pyramid exercises for the past two months and my PSA is now normal and down to 2.3."

Prostate Case #2: PSA (prostate cancer marker) went from 7.3 to 2.6
72 years old, Retired Psychiatrist

"8 months ago I found out that my PSA level was 7.3. My doctor told me that I would most likely need a biopsy and that I may have cancer. I began practicing the Body Pyramid exercises a week after I got my results. Two months after practicing, I saw my doctor to get my PSA checked again. My PSA went down to 4.8, so I continued to practice. Sure enough, after practicing for 4 months total, my PSA is now down to 2.6."

"I have no side effects from chemotherapy."
Breast cancer survivor for 7 years

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago and did radiation & chemo. One year ago, the cancer came back; I did chemo a second time. I've practiced the Body Pyramid exercises since and have no side effects. I kept my hair, my blood sugar was regulated throughout, and I didn't have any nausea."

"Cancer stabilized, regaining use of right leg and toes
Breast Cancer survivor, 52 years old

"1½ yrs. ago I had a reoccurrence of breast cancer that spread to my spine and bones, which caused nerve damage in my right hip, leg and foot. I was basically bed ridden for months and then gradually was in a wheelchair and could walk with the help of a cane, but it was a struggle and exhausting.

I saw Master Hong on November 4, 2008 and after his session and then doing my daily qi gong exercises, I immediately found I could walk better and felt more confident in my recovery.

I had a PET Scan on Nov. 11, 2008 and it came back with the cancer stable, no new growth, and they mentioned that where they did see cancer in my hips, femur and other areas before, that now it looked like it could be arthritis.

I saw Master Hong again on Dec 7th. The transformation in my emotional health as well as my physical health has again been very noticeable. I am now walking on my treadmill at 3.5 MPH for 15 min. a day (as well as walking about without my cane), doing Pilates, plus going about my day with much more energy and confidence. I am also able to move my toes and have built strength in the whole right side of my body… Every day gets better and better and I look forward to my next visit with Master Hong."

"Lymphedema improved, lost 10 lbs., sleep is better!"
Female CPA, age 54, breast cancer survivor

"I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in 2002, wherein some lymph nodes by my underarm were removed, and I've suffered with mild lymphedema on both arms ever since, in addition to being overweight (125 lbs. on 4 ft. 10 in. frame). The oncologist wanted me to lose weight to control estrogen in body, but I was unsuccessful. Saw Master in April 2009, and started practicing the prescribed Body Pyramid exercises-- however, did not practice regularly. Four months later, I took the Body Pyramid workshop and practiced regularly. Results: I lost 10 lbs., my mild lymphedema on arms improved significantly. Both arms look a lot better, I do not look puffy with fluid retention anymore, my skin tone looks better and I sleep better at night. I'm even more motivated to practice and attend more workshops."

Doctors amazed at low side effects from Radiation and Chemotherapy
58 years old, breast cancer survivor, recurrence 19 years later, had radiation and chemotherapy

"I have been doing the Rejuvenation exercises throughout, and I think it's been a big help. My doctors are amazed at how well I've done through it all. You have helped me - a lot!"

With Qi Gong exercise, no side effects from radiation and chemotherapy
75 years old, European woman diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years prior

"I was diagnosed with LUL 3,4x2,3cm. After operation I had Radiation… chemotherapie… immediately after the operation I started  qigong exercises (Mastering Miracles) about 1 hour/day…I never felt all these side effects, which occur very often...instead I had breathing-improvements every day..feeling fine... The book "Mastering Miracles" helped me a lot..I am practicing the "8 golden exercises" every day with great joy."

Breast Cancer Case Study
Case Study of a Complementary Approach to Stage IV Breast Cancer with Metastases
to the Liver and Left Lung

The client is a 67-year old female. In 1982 she was diagnosed with breast cancer--a very small tumor in the left breast. She went through a left mastectomy, after which the surgeon was convinced all the cancer had been removed. There were no signs of cancer in the lymph nodes. No other treatment was pursued.

The client went on with her life for 26 years cancer-free.

In an ironic twist of fate, on the 26th anniversary of her original diagnosis, she found out that the cancer had spread. She had been having chest pain and was therefore referred for CAT scans on April 2 and 7 of 2008. The April 2 CAT scan was “most concerning for metastatic spread of tumor” including three liver lesions with “hemangioma and other primary benign and malignant liver neoplasms” and left nodular pleural thickening suggesting metastasis to the lung. A needle biopsy on April 7 led to the diagnosis of poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma in the left pleural mass. (Please see medical records p1-p5.)

When she found out that she had stage IV cancer, the client went to an oncologist who enrolled her in a study involving the Western drug Arimidex1. To avoid influencing the results, the researchers are not giving out any information about how much improvement can be expected in the average case.

Fighting the cancer pro-actively, she complemented the Western approach with a natural healing regimen prescribed for her by Master Hong at a first-time consultation on May 2. She began a program which included herbal supplements, medical qi gong exercises, and healing foods. She was able to “really feel the energy moving” during an exercise that targets the lungs and chest.

She has adhered to the program regularly except when a draining month-long bout of colitis interfered. (She has a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome). During that month the healing foods had to be put aside, and on six or seven occasions the exercises were practiced once rather than twice a day.

When a CAT scan was done two months after her appointment with Master Hong, the client was excited to learn that remarkably, the sites of cancer were smaller. In summary, the report says that the cancerous left lung thickening “is now overall thinner and less irregular…A nodular pleural thickening [ ]has markedly improved….multiple left axillary lymph nodes are also slightly smaller... marked decrease in the size of hypodense liver masses….[In summary, results are] improvement in circumferential nodular left pleural thickening, mediastinal and axillary lymphadenopathy and decreased size of hepatic metastases.” (Please see medical records p6-p8.)

Similarly, tumor markers in the blood have shown a steady decrease across the course of four measurements from April 15 through July 10, 2008. The tumor marker CA15-3 went from 34.1 to 29.5 to 23.3 to 20.4. Also, CA 27-29 went from 48.3 to 41.7 to 36.9 to 25.8. (Please see medical records p9.)

The client was elated and grateful about the decrease of her cancer. Further follow-up is planned.

1 Arimidex is an aromatase inhibitor. This means it stops the enzyme called aromatase from turning androgen into estrogen, thus lowering the amount of estrogen produced outside the ovaries. That means less estrogen in the bloodstream, less estrogen reaching estrogen receptors, and less breast cancer cell growth.

Breast Cancer Case Study
I am clear of danger of breast cancer

I am a patient of yours who lives in Japan but vacations in Kailua-Kona. I went to see you at the Honolulu Qi Center last August about a poor score (4 out of 5) from a thermagram test for early detection of breast cancer. I had another appointment with you on April 3rd in Honolulu, relearned the special exercises and was advised to take Empower Plus.

I can now tell you the good news: my thermagram score on July 11 turned out to be 0 out of 5 which indicates to my Naturopathic doctor that I am clear of danger of breast cancer.


Patient's Test Results

To download a copy of the test results, click here.

For more information about Empower Plus and Herbal Research

Click here to learn more about Empower Plus and our herbal research.
Master Hong’s Comments on the Breast Cancer Case Study

We are pleased to hear of this person’s success. We often hear of similar results; the difference being some people will follow up with us, and some won’t. Successful cases like this one inspire us to continue with the research and design and implementation of programs.

Some people would view this case study as a miracle. Yet on a deeper level this individual went through a comprehensive program of natural healing practices including Qi Gong medical exercises, herbal supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, psychological balancing and other natural healing practices.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) conducted research and statistics, there are more than 2,000 types of drugs for cancer awaiting FDA approval. They are at different levels or stages in the process. These 2,000 new drugs are of two types: one type is to enhance the specificity of the type of cancer cell, and the other group is geared to enhancing immune system function.

These new approaches will enhance conventional approaches to cancer including operation, radiation and chemotherapy. In the past, the approach was to kill the cancer cells. It was successful, but sometimes ended up killing the patient as well. Modern research is finding out that enhancing immune system function is a viable way to establish a “peaceful coexistence” with cancer cells. Autopsies performed on people who died of causes other than cancer showed that cancer cells were present in these individuals but were in a dormant state.

The concept of enhancing immune system function as a way of keeping cancer cells from being activated or restraining them from being triggered is a result of systematic approaches to cancer being carried out by modern research organizations like NIH and NCI.

We are living through an exciting time. Modern medicine is borrowing from the 5,000-year history of natural healing’s experience with body, mind and spirit to find new approaches and researching them. This is why NIH set up a natural healing department almost 15 year ago. NIH now has a Natural Healing Center focusing on complementary approaches to health, and it is working with many prestigious universities and hospitals.

Natural Healing views immune system function as critical to a person’s likelihood of contracting diseases like cancer. It views cancer as a chronic imbalance over a longer period of time, and it relates to lifestyle, mental state and spiritual state as causes. Imbalanced conditions can lead to activating the dormant cancer cells. It further breaks down the factors into internal and external factors: external factors refer to those aspects of our lives that we can change including lifestyle; internal factors relates are root-level and refer to the state of our internal organ energy including immune system energy. Improving both can lead to overcoming cancer, preventing normal cells from becoming cancerous or from cancer cells becoming activated. Therefore, if one were to re-balance one’s life, meaning bringing lifestyle, mental processes, and immune system energy back into balance, one could enhance longevity, quality of life, and possibly overcome cancer or at least peacefully coexist with it.

Balancing internal organ energy, enhancing immune system energy, maintaining a positive mental attitude and balanced lifestyle is critical to overall health. As in the case study provided above, she persevered with the program, practiced her Qi Gong medical exercises (focusing on liver energy which is specific to breast cancer), maintained a positive mental attitude toward herself and others, used Empower Plus for immune system energy, and used specific natural foods and recipes.

We are inspired by these successes to look deeper into the pattern of energy relating to diseases; to engage in more research, design and development of more programs and self-healing tools. The case study holds promise for those who are using the conventional approach to cancer, and want to use natural healing in a supportive/complementary manner to reduce the side effects of conventional medicine. It is an example of best East/West practices.

Breast Cancer
Remote energy work on breast cancer

“I had seen Master Hong for pain, diarrhea, and fatigue in the past. Got good results and understood the process. 6 months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. At the time, my doctor and I agreed to surgery. Prior to the surgery, I told Master Hong my decision. Master agreed to do remote healing after my surgery to reduce post-surgery pain, inflammation, side effects, and expedite the healing process.

I did the remote healing with Master Hong. I was 2,000 miles from Master (Florida), and I could feel the energy directly on my incision. My body was slightly shaking, and I experienced a sensation that started out warm, then cool, and finally itchy. I then become totally relaxed, almost like the state prior to falling asleep. After I slept for around 30 minutes, the pain had been minimized greatly. When my stitches were removed, my doctor was amazed at how well my scar had healed and how fast. I have had operations before. This one showed me how powerful remote energy work was.”


Esophogeal Cancer
Complementary medicine resulting in no recurrence of esophageal cancer 2 years and counting! plus blood pressure lowers

“I am 82 years old. I’ve recently had radiation treatment for esophageal cancer. It’s not the worst, but it’s one of the bad forms of cancer because it’s hard to get to. I was very fortunate; I had an early diagnosis because I was able to feel pressure in my chest when swallowing. So in March 2005 I was given a lot of tests. I wasn’t given an endoscopy because last year I had had one and they wouldn’t expect much to show in one year. I finally had an endoscopy in June 2005. Dr. Morisaki did it—he’s my friend.

The result came 3 days later and it was negative, but Dr. Morisaki couldn’t believe it because he saw some cells during the endoscopy that looked wrong. He asked for a second endoscopy, and sure enough, it was the beginning stages. Then with my family I had to think what to do. There was some shock. I told my kids, like Rodney Dangerfield, “Seniors don’t get no respect, but when cancer shows up, it’s a different story!” I had to make up my mind.

I consulted about surgery with some famous doctors several times. I was recommended against it due to my age. After esophageal cancer, the lifestyle is very poor. They have to take the whole esophagus out and fashion an esophagus out of a third of the stomach. Then you can’t sleep flat anymore. You have to sleep at a 35? angle because of the acid reflux action. You have to eat 6 meals a day because you have a smaller stomach. I decided against surgery.

Other alternatives I looked at were radiation and finally chemo. I heard radiation and chemo would be a good method. In the meantime I had come to see Master Hong soon after the verdict of cancer. Master Hong didn’t disturb my decision.

I decided to only do radiation because the oncologists said that chemo is more difficult. I’m so happy to have made that decision. I’ve heard that huge, strong men get laid out flat on their backs with it. Whether you are getting a cure or making it worse, it’s difficult to say. Master Hong never disturbs what your doctors want to do.

I got help from the supplements. I took an herb to protect from the destroying of the white blood cells. Then there were the other herbs to stave off the burning of the esophagus lining through radiation. It’s been 3-4 weeks since the final radiation. In the first few weeks I had difficulty swallowing, but in 2 weeks, with the herbs, I could swallow anything. For the appetite loss, I took the Primal Energy. At the 4th week I got my appetite back and the weight loss stopped.

How fortunate and blessed I was, having come here [the Qi Center, Honolulu]. It’s really something I advocate to my friends to try this. Any kind of treatment is hard to convince people, but nothing is better than experience. I can honestly say “It works!” We’ve sent 4-5 people to Master Hong, including my daughter. Now my son will go for back pain.

When it comes to cancer, most people would be devastated. But for someone as old as I am, with all the fortunate and happy experiences I’ve had, I look at it that I lived a life I can be thankful for. Even if I only gain 1-2 years, I look at it as something to be thankful for. I used to look at my wife sleeping next to me and wonder ‘how long will we be together in this world?’ But now such thoughts don’t come to me. I can live day to day. And it helps that I have some Zen training.

I haven’t had a final esophagus specimen. I will get it in 6 months. My blood count is the same as before. The oncologist was very surprised at how good shape I’m in because, after all, I’m 82 years old. Another side effect of the radiation was that I was tired for awhile, but the herbs are fantastic at reviving you from the natural result of the radiation. They are really, really something.

I mentioned that I’m on complementary medicine to the doctors and they have no qualms about that. I think Western medicine has come to a point where-- there is that electrical energy in existence, and they are discovering it now. They see that a happy person seldom gets a heart attack, that the mind can control the reaction of the body.

Eastern medicine took hundreds and thousands of years to discover--and Western medicine has taken 100 or so years to realize-- the power of ki [or “qi”] and that the mind is a healing source itself. They even write about it in medical journals. This new understanding will speed up in 10-20 years. Nowadays I read so many articles about it that before were never seen in the past.

Also, my blood pressure comes down when I do my exercises. The proper breathing calms your body. You control your nervous system—all the cells in your body—it slows your system. Because I’ve had Zen I’m aware of the power of Qi Gong. It’s a little more practical than Zen. With Qi Gong, you can feel the immediate results.”

Minoru Morimoto, Honolulu, Hawaii
October 28, 2005

Follow Up:

Mr. Morimoto followed up with the office in January, 2007. He said, “I’ve been fine. I’ve had 3 endoscopies and all are proving negative!”

Liver Cancer
Told by the doctors that he had 3 months to live. Now, 2007, it’s been 3 years and he’s still shocking the doctors.

Warren Anderson 3 years after seeing Master Hong .

“My name is Warren Anderson. I’m from Scottsdale, Arizona. I was diagnosed with primary liver cancer in May of 2004. I had been having some pains in my lower back. A business client of mine is an oncologist. He said that in his opinion it was probably a tumor pressing on a nerve sheath back there. When I had all the tests and so forth, in fact that’s exactly what I had. .It was an 11 cm primary tumor, right in the middle of my liver and two other small spots in my liver.

When the doctor told me the news-and I’ll never forget this-- my wife said “How long has he got?” The doctor said, “Well, if we don’t treat it, about 90 days, give or take 30 days.” And it was like ---you never think it’s going to happen to you. It’s really a confrontation of my mortality, just flat head-on, and I was shocked and I was stunned and just in a state of shock from that.

At the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale I had two chemo embolizations. One in June and another in mid-July, which is where they inject chemo directly into the tumors in the liver. There’s not a lot of conventional treatment available for liver cancer. It’s real hard to treat, The chemo embolization is one of the few that has any chances. Frankly my allopathic doctors at the Mayo were not---- I referred to one of them (outside of his presence) as “Dr. No”, because it was pretty plain they didn’t have much hope for success with me.

I asked another person at the Mayo,”Are you aware of any nontraditional sources?” And this person said, “I’ve heard of this qi gong Master Hong Liu in Los Angeles.” I said, “What have you heard about him?” She said, “I’ve heard he‘s made tumors go away.” And I was like “Wow!” So without any further ado, we contacted Master Hong and suffice it to say we got in.

I was just mentally a wreck at the time I saw him. I was just sitting around in the summer-- just waiting to die really, and the first time I saw him and he was talking about my diet and he said eat this way now and when the tumor’s gone, eat this way. ‘When the tumor’s gone’! That was such a different concept! Nobody had ever suggested even that the tumor could be gone. My allopathic doctors were talking about ‘when your will is up to date’!

So Master Hong gave me some qi gong exercises to do and made some dietary suggestions that I followed and prescribed some supplements and so forth. And as I’ve had tests I’ve continued to submit those to Master Hong and he’s passed along suggestions as we went to improve my program.

And now as we do this, this is September of 2005 and my main primary allopathic doctor is incredulous. In March, he said, “Your test results are fantastic!” and in June, he said “Your test results are phenomenal!” I said, “My goal is to run you out of superlatives.” My latest tests are still good. I’m holding my own, there’s no active growth. Two of the tumor areas that were chemo embolized are gone—necrotic, just dead tissue. One is apparently still viable but it hasn’t shown any signs of growth since March. It seems to be stable and all my blood tests and so forth are very good.

I don’t know exactly what has kept me in this place, but I believe in my heart that if I had not seen Master Hong, I would not be here now. He was the first person to give me hope and a proactive approach to my own healing--that “I can do this and I can do this and I don’t just have to sit around and wait to die.” And that’s a powerful tool. And I’ve used it every day and I’m sure I’ll use it every day the rest of my life, hopefully the next 30 or 40 years.

From a follow-up interview with Warren

Master Hong outlined a complementary program for you. What were the key components of the program?

A daily set of 35-40 minutes of qi gong, plus some dietary recommendations. In my particular case, he advised me of some things to not eat and suggested some things that I should eat—some berries and some special teas that I would make-- and a limited number of supplements.

Throughout the time you were seeing Master Hong you were also seeing your allopathic doctors and you were being tested?

Yes, every three months.

And that kind of a complementary program, not alternative, is that something you feel is a positive approach?

In my particular case, at the risk of sounding overly melodramatic, I think it’s been the difference between life and death. I believe that there’s an actual, tangible component to energy work and that it has had a positive effect in conjunction with--if I hadn’t had those chemo embolizations I don’t think I’d be here either, but I think the two of them together have worked in tandem so that the sum is more than the total of the parts. It’s had a quantum effect on my healing….

I think there’s an element to energy work and to eastern healing practices that are the missing element in Western medicine. From my own experience and from my readings just over the past year and conversations with others who’ve had similar experiences, it can’t help but to increase the quality of life and the possibility of life. Above all, seeing Master Hong gave me hope and that’s the best medicine that I could have gotten when I first saw him.

There are people out there who have liver cancer, and who are just finding out they have liver cancer, or finding out they have other types of cancer. Is there anything that you’d like to say to them?

Yes. Don’t give up! Realize that depression is a natural component of this and can be a devastating thing. Be sure that you address that depression. I had to do that to even fully access what Master Hong is telling me.

But search out the alternatives. This is certainly a complementary approach to your Western medicine. It’s noninvasive. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Nobody expected me to be around this long and I’m thriving. I’m beating this thing.

Warren Anderson, Scottsdale, Arizona
September 19, 2005

From Warren’s email, March 31, 2005:

”I just received my results of my most recent blood work and cat scans for my liver cancer….The alpha feta protein (sp?) tumor markers down to 22 from 895 in January. This is only slightly above normal. The MRI shows NO active tumor activity. My doctor is astounded, as you predicted. He said "I never dreamed that we'd be having this conversation so long after your diagnosis [May '04]. Your response has been phenomenal!"

Lung Cancer

On Mar 15, 2004 I had an operation in which they removed one-third of my right lung due to a 4 centimeter tumor. During the recovery process, I gained fluid in my [right] lung. Conventional medicine provided me with Vicodin for my pain, inhalant and oxygen to help with my breathing, but did nothing to address the fluid that had built up in my lungs. Two weeks after that I learned about Master Hong coming to Reno and decided that I would come in and listen to his lecture-- after which I decided to take his workshop to learn some of his practices.

Additionally, he was kind enough to make time for a private session in which he provided me with an energy session, a series of exercises, some herbal tea, some immunity pills, and some oriental herbal food products to prepare and eat, which I did. Approximately 3 weeks after that I had another x-ray, which indicated that the fluid in my lungs had reduced in volume by approximately 40%. I attribute this to the combination of the exercises, the herbal supplements recommended by Master Hong, and the energy work.

Reno, Nevada resident age: 65
Executive Vice President and member of Board of Directors
of an international company listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Prostate Cancer Case Study

“I have cancer. I have been through surgery, the medications, chemotherapy, and radiation, but my cancer markers were increasing. I felt there had to be something more I could do for myself along with conventional medicine. A friend recommended Grandmaster Hong. She sent me the Unsolved Mysteries DVD on Master Hong. I read his book and went to his website.

I live in Florida. When I calculated the cost of flying to Los Angeles, car rental, hotel, etc… I felt that I should try a remote energy work session before I committed to making the trip to Los Angeles. Also, I wanted to approach it in a scientific way. I had recently had my PSA level tested. I would have the remote energy work session, and then have the test done again. In essence, a before/after comparison. I wanted to rule out any psychological factors, like, ‘I feel better,’ or ‘I have less pain.’

With this in mind, I had a remote energy work session with Grandmaster Hong. The follow-up lab reports showed that my PSA count had dropped considerably and my blood pressure was finally in the normal range.

I was elated. Next, I decided to fly out from my home in Florida to see Grandmaster Hong, despite the costs involved, hoping that the results from a face-to-face consultation would be even deeper. Before I left, I had a larger round of tests done as a baseline, and my blood pressure remained normal. The results after the in-person energy work were dramatic. All three prostate-related results were impressive.

My medications hadn’t achieved these results. My doctors confirmed the lab results, but could not explain the improvement. Now, the only question that remains for me is how long the results will last. I am continuing with the program, and will report on the progress. I heartily recommend energy work with the Grandmaster. It has worked wonders for me, and I believe it will for others.”


Prostate Cancer

This letter is intended to describe the results of my treatment by Master Hong using Qi Gong. I was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia about 6 years ago (1992). Standard medical treatment included using beta-blockers and other such pharmaceuticals in an attempt to cause a reduction in size of the enlarged prostate. Not only did these drugs not have desired effect but also they all had the negative side effect of depleting my energy and vitality.

During 1995-1996, my Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) count was measured at 7.0 During 1997, I went for my annual general medical exam and it was discovered that my PSA had risen to 12.5. I read “Mastering Miracles” [now in softcover with the title “The Healing Art of Qi Gong”] which was basically a biography of Master Hong and a brief history of Qi Gong and its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of ill health. I was impressed with Master Hong’s story so I called his office and made an appointment for the following week. The following events ensued:

  • During my one-hour diagnosis and energy work, which was part of my training in Qi Gong, Master Hong observed me and discussed my situation with me and recommended a course for me to take.
  • Master Hong gave me a chart showing where my energy flow was blocked and recommended 5 specific Qi Gong movements to be performed by me every morning and evening together with prayer, meditation, and visualization of healing. In addition, Maser Hong recommended a one-month supply of a specific herbal capsule.
  • Master Hong advised me that if I followed the recommended regimen, his experience indicated that my prostate swelling and PSA would both be significantly reduced within one month.
  • I performed the Qi Gong movements rigorously and ingested the herbal tea and capsules as recommended.
  • At the end of the month, I returned to the urologist for a digital rectal exam and blood test and was informed that since my “PSA was elevated”, I should schedule a biopsy. I was disappointed at the “elevation” and asked what the absolute PSA count was. I was informed it was 5.5. I pointed out that this constituted a lowered count not an elevated count. In fact, it was lower by about 56%.

The effectiveness of the Qi Gong training I received from Master Hong and my practice of it over a relatively short time period (one month) strikes me as astonishing. I would describe it as miraculous. I am very grateful to Master Hong for his many years of dedication to the study of Qi Gong which has now produced a dramatic improvement in my health. Not only that but, I have been introduced to an alternative form of health care which has already shown many other positive benefits.”

Jerry Conklin, CEO, Quantum Software
September 1998