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Energy Tour to China 2007 Testimonials
Touring with the Master to the Source
Testimonial 1

Steve and Irene Au

There are so many memories and highlights of the China trip that it would be difficult to list them all. The vastness and infinite wonders of China are a delight to the mind, stimulates the imagination and a feast for the eyes and palate. To be able to travel with Master Hong, and be guided with teachings of Feng Shui and Dao what a great learning experience. We were lodged in excellent and comfortable Hotels and breakfasted early in the morning with a buffet feast and lunch and dinners were sumptuous.

Temples that seem timeless filled with worshippers and monks in the quiet background, the fragrance of sandalwood incense gave us a sense of calm in the busy bustling cities. The airports were modern and huge and our transports on the different Chinese internal airlines were modern Boeing 737 with beautiful and attentive staff. The cities with state of the art new architectural wonders far outpace any modern city in the US.

Mount Tai reached by cable car took us above the clouds and we climbed the last 600 steps to reach the top. The temples built high on the mountain top must have taken many hands and backs to carry the stones and building materials to this lofty height. The great wall meandered far beyond the reaches of our human eyes, and many of the group went up all the six stations to reach a height of 888 meters about 2500 feet above sea level.

I look forward to participating in another of Master's Trips.

Thank you Master Hong, Scott and Dr. Lynn for a wonderful and heartwarming journey to China.

Irene B. Au

Testimonial 2

John and Jim Smart

If you want a taste of China's rich cultural heritage, travel there with Master Hong. In 12 short days our view of the world, let alone China, shifted dramatically as he taught us about Feng Shui and demonstrated this ancient teachings importance in the shaping and layout of temples, gardens, palaces and residences of the ancients. We ate some of the best food offered in this country, a feast virtually served at every meal. Our tour guides were helpful and friendly, our hotels grand, the bus service outstanding, and the air travel seamless.

We look forward to Master's next journey to China, hopefully a bit longer.

John and Jim Smart

Testimonial 3

Dr. and Theresa Chun

The trip to China was all that it was promised to be and the places that left a deep impression on me were: The Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Taoist Temple, The birthplace of Confucius, Tai Mountain, the Canal in Souzhou and city of Shanghai. Master Hong got us to apply Feng Shui principles at the Palace. Hiking to the tops of the Great Wall and Tai Mountain were physically challenging, but Master suggested some breathing patterns which helped a lot and I felt exhilarated and energized when I got back to where we started the hikes. Learning about Taoism, the dress (robes and white leggings) and the practices of the Taoist monks, being there, seeing and breathing the incense was something that you can't get out of a book. Living our lives with poise and good manners as Confucius suggested, and actually being in the area where he was born, lived and was buried, made the experience even more memorable. The graceful willow trees that lined the world's longest canal in Souzhou was such a beautiful, romantic and relaxing sight which provided a warmth and excitement that made the experience special. The many apartments and commercial buildings (like they were from outer space) built and being built in Shanghai were very impressive.

Other highlights were: minimizing jet lag by practicing special qi gong exercises; doing the Rejuvenation practices daily with a few exceptions, and heel to toe walking allowed me to walk continuously for two hours, tasting different teas and the ancient Chinese tea ceremony; Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses and treatment in Beijing, especially the accuracy of the diagnoses (by feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue); how food plays a role in wellness and the effect it has on the immune system; viewing the City of Shanghai at night from the 88th floor of the tallest building in Shanghai and how we ate balanced meals at the beginning of the trip to keep our bodies healthy, and progressed to feasting on very special and tasty dishes at the end, where the joy and pleasure of eating was emphasized; clean city streets and the abundance of greenery along the freeways, which was not expected.

If you have any doubts about going to the source (China) with Master Hong, perish the thought. He made sure that everything was first class with five star hotels, excellent Chinese tour guides and he added his knowledge of China, it's traditions and things that he felt were important when the tour guides did not mention them. His guidance when shopping, especially about quality and prices was an added bonus because of his speaking the language and knowing how to bargain when it was allowed. You will be stimulated in mind, body and spirit and all the things that you have learned in Qi Gong workshops will be reinforced and you will be motivated to do your practices when you return home. Thank you very much Master Hong for a very special and inspiring trip. Aloha.

Theresa Chun
July 6, 2007