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Inner Beauty Retreat
A rare opportunity to encounter a life-changing experience with Master Hong, a World-renown healer, researcher, and Western-trained doctor from China. A special five-day immersion retreat is offered to teach you energetic techniques to reconnect you to the source of your health, beauty and spirit. Learn how to align your personal power and Universal energy to your environment and feel better than you ever imagined.

Master Hong Liu will personally guide you in the following areas:

  • How to regain facial and skin beauty
  • Lose weight where you want to
  • Gracefully move through menopause
  • Enhance sexual energy
  • Identify personal emotional or physical imbalances
  • Obtain relief from pain, stress and fatigue
The Inside Out

Did you know that imbalances in the internal organs can cause problems like skin acne, wrinkles, menstrual cycle problems, menopause, low sex-drive and make it difficult to treat illnesses, including chronic diseases—even cancer? On one level, these imbalances stem from too much Yang and not enough Yin energy. You will discover what Yang and Yin energy is, if you have an imbalance, and how to bolster your Yin energy, which will ultimately strengthen your foundation. Plus, you will learn multiple self-healing tools that guarantee results to transform your health from the inside out.

The Outside In

Outer health and beauty are a reflection of the relative balance of your internal organs and energy channels, and the relative synchronicity with the energy of the world. According to Natural Healing, the more one’s personal energy is connected with environmental and Universal energy, the more one will enjoy a long healthy life. Master Hong will guide you on how to make this connection and how to incorporate “Qi” (energy) into your daily routine from arising in the morning, walking, working, to going to sleep. You will realize special practices and ancient energetic secrets to tap into energy beyond yourself. You can makeover your health from the outside in, completely naturally.

This retreat is designed around you!
  • It unifies your internal resources with Universal energy to create a personal and powerful environment.
  • It designs tools to your personal lifestyle so that you can bolster Yin energy and strengthen your foundation for a lifetime.
  • It will guide you on how to incorporate “Qi” (energy) into your daily routine from morning to night.
Internal Organ Rejuvenation Form

Highly effective foundational practice that activates all the body’s internal organs and their meridians. The key to rejuvenation, it helps balance the side-effects of menopause, menstrual problems, skin problems, joint and muscular pain, and enhance sexual energy through realignment of sensory organ function.

Balancing Internal Organ Energy

Unique foods and recipes, movement, and intention form the groundwork of this anti-aging practice, reducing the affect of age on the cardiovascular system, urinary system, respiratory, hormone and/or endocrine systems.

Sound Weight Management

Based on internal organ energy imbalances as the root of weight gain, this program targets different parts of your body or overall weight in general, empowering you with a life-long program of weight/body balance.

Stress Management Natural

Healing for the spirit, the most effective way to draw upon the innate gifts of energy, intention and movement to balance stress in our lives. Master will teach you practices to balance stress, and more importantly how to build up your internal Qi so that you are less affected by external stress, the major factor in illness and aging.

Universal and Environmental Practices

Throughout the week, Master will teach you to tap into the energy of the Sun (men) and Moon (women) for rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and wellness. These energy practices take you to the source of all life and rejuvenation... the sea, enabling you to bring the ocean into your body, mind and spirit, enhancing the connectedness between you and nature.