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Sound Weight Loss™
Weight-loss diets in contemporary American society have become a revolving door of contradictions. A majority of us know we need to lose weight, have tried several diets, lost weight and then ended up gaining it back and then some. There are some fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves, including “why can’t I keep the weight off, why don’t I lose weight in the areas I want to, and what is my ideal weight?" The traditional caloric intake versus burn off approach is only one way to look at weight loss and gain.

Master Hong’s Sound Weight Loss™ Program is based on a simple premise from the natural healing canon: weight loss and weight gain is determined by the relative balance/imbalance of our internal organ energy. If an internal organ pair (an Yin internal organ and its associated Yang internal organ) is imbalanced, we will see increased fat in a specific area. For example, imbalances in the kidney/urinary bladder organs will lead to increased fat in the lower abdomen. The key to the program lies in its energy-balancing effect on the internal organs, allowing us to address the very cause of the excess weight.

The goal of the Sound Weight Loss Program™ is to restore balance to all of the organ pairs, through a full program including aerobic and anaerobic breathing practices, natural foods and recipes, reflexology practices, and many other activities in an idyllic setting. The main element of the program is the Sound practice. Each organ pair has a specific sound. Coordinating the sounding with the breathing and movement stimulates the organ energy, exercises the muscles related to the internal organ, strengthens the skeletal muscles, improves blood and lymph flow in the area, and encourages fat cell reduction. As the body regains a balanced state, your appetite will balance as well.

By making this program a part of your life, you are not only improving the energy of your internal organs for the purpose of creating and maintaining a healthy weight, you are also rejuvenating your body from the inside out – creating youthfulness throughout the mind, the body, the facial area—even the hair! As you learn this program, you will see that the human body is like an intricate ecosystem, in which a change that may appear to be isolated can create shifts throughout the entire system. As a damaging effect can create a chain reaction to destroy that ecosystem, a small improvement can improve system-wide balance. The program not only helps make organ energy adjustments that will initiate and maintain weight loss, but the more balanced state of the body can generate numerous other beneficial effects, such as slowing the effects of aging, increased energy, general health maintenance, relief from chronic health problems, and health issues related to obesity.

The entire program, from the Sound practices to the natural foods and recipes are part of what the Master calls the self-empowering tools for optimum health. They are for you to take home and incorporate into your daily life. The program is simple to learn and do, and thus can be used by individuals of all ages. It can be modified for all levels of health.