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Master Hong


NHRF Research, Education and Training Center

I envision a center where ongoing research can be conducted on complementary approaches for disease rehabilitation and prevention with researchers and specialists from all over the world.

Grandmaster Hong

The NHRF Research, Education and Training Center is the realization of Master Hong’s dream. He believes that it is essential that we research the natural healing methods that are being used in complementary and integrative programs that are taking on the most high risk diseases facing humanity and those that are most difficult to diagnose and treat. Additionally, the NHRF Research, Education and Training Center is a place for designing complementary programs for diseases that are high-risk or difficult to diagnose and treat and for training specialists to carry out those programs in coordination with hospitals, schools and other community service organizations. Another facet of the work of the center is to prepare and promote self-healing empowerment tools for rehabilitation and prevention. The list of materials includes booklets, DVDs, and other educational materials.

For more information, please contact Miracles@qimaster.com.