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New Yin Yang Body Pyramid Exercise Testimonials

“So, three nights of standing for hours in cowboy boots, on an uneven field in Oklahoma at a music fest this weekend completely wrecked my back. I was in agony all day Saturday and again yesterday and we got in late last night, so I just popped a pill and went to bed. Woke up, back still screwed up today, lots of pain. Standing in front of a mirror, I could see how crooked I was. I didn’t have much hope, but used the Body Pyramid for maybe 20 minutes. Straight as an arrow, and 95% pain free. I knew it was an awesome system, but now I am a fanatical believer." -Carl

“I came to Master Hong because I had a nerve pinch in my neck that caused pain down my left shoulder and arm. I think it all started because I have scoliosis. At the appointment I could feel the energy working in my body. The pain had lessened and I felt really peaceful when I left.

Master Hong had assigned me some Yin Yang Body Pyramid exercises. After about 3 weeks after the appointment, my shoulder and arm pain were completely gone. Also in the morning I used to wake up with unpleasant tingling in my fingers of both hands that would go away after awhile. That's gone too.

My posture is way better. I'm late middle-aged, but I have been whistled at by men from behind a few times lately. I think they see my posture and think I am younger. I haven"t been whistled at from in front-maybe they notice my older-looking face! To be honest, now that I am better, I no longer practice every day, but I don"t get discouraged by that– I keep practicing when I can and especially on weekends. I probably practice 4 times a week. When I have skipped a few days, I love to do a long session. The long sessions always turn out to be the same amount of time. It"s like I have a body clock that says “Done!” when it has been 1 hour and 20 minutes. Then I feel great-my body feels more open, relaxed and light.”

“The Body Pyramid is changing my life. I now do it twice a day, almost every day, for one hour each time. I am taller; my posture is better. My health is better. My blood pressure went down.”

“I have scoliosis so I have had integrated therapeutic bodywork massage for years. After my first visit with Grandmaster Hong [on May 7, 2014 in which she was assigned to practice the Body Pyramid], my muscles were much more even in my back. The part that was resisting has finally let go. The bodywork masseur said my body is responding to the massage like a younger person's. It made a BIG difference. After my second visit [July 8, 2014] with Master Hong, for the first time my body alignment was absolutely straight! and the masseur said the muscles were much more pliable. I am balanced–and I love the Morning Elixir!”

“I credit the body pyramid most of all with helping keep things aligned the way they are supposed to be. My joints in the spine, hips and feet are still chronically loose but as long as they can be reset periodically I'm fine. I realized after my last visit that I had dropped Exercises 3A and 3B from my routine after my January visit and those seem to be the final key to my stomach behaving better. I had mistakenly thought that those positions might encourage a wrong bend in my upper back but it turns out that I was very wrong! For many weeks I would feel a kind of sticking there when I did those exercises, and sometimes a subtle shift, but now it seems to be more fluid and stable.”

“Finding the Body Pyramid a wonderful experience, although finding the time to use it is somewhat difficult. I am wondering. I think it is what is supposed to happen, in the fact that it opens up the chest better that way. The second position relieved some significant lower back pain and muscle spasming that I have been struggling with for a few years now. What a wonderful feeling to not wake up with that discomfort. Thanks” –Susan

“On Friday I went to Kaneohe [Oahu, Hawaii] and did a [Body Pyramid] Qi Gong class and totally enjoyed it and will be back to continue to take them. Thanks.”

Client was asked what she feels when practicing the Body Pyramid:
“I definitely feel different things each time I exercise on the pyramid. Sometimes tingling in arms and sometimes my body gets warm when I do the standing exercises. It’s all more so on the right side of my body (which is where my curve is).”

“Thank you for everything– I already can do all the exercises for ten minutes.”