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iRenue Herbal - Eye Patches Testimonials

"I had chronic eye infections for more than 2 years and took heavy duty antibiotics. My eyes were irritated, constantly watery and tearing and my vision was blurry.

I tried the iRenue Nourishing Eye Pads and the watering and tearing stopped! And I stopped the antibiotics. I don't need them. It's AMAZING!"

-David K.


"I have cataracts and my eyes feel dry, irritated, and are red. Every time, after i use the iReNue Nourishing Eye Pads my eyes feel much moister. The irritation is reduced and my vision seems clearer."

Mary A.


"I get mucous and gross stuff in my eyes. After using the iReNue Nourishing Eye Pads the mucous went away and my eyes were not as tired and felt moist.

I used the iReNue Soothing Eye Pads just to try them out. They were cooling and refreshing with a pleasant smell. My eyes felt less stressed. Afterwards my eyelids were a bit red but they returned to normal in a minute or two. My eyes feel tranquilized and they improved my vision."

Mark W.


"I used the iReNue Soothing Eye Pads every night for one month. My eyes improved but I didn't do it for that. My sleeping got so much better. I've had insomnia for many years. My high blood pressure has also gotten better."

Laura S.


"I fly frequently and my eyes get dry and irritated. Now, I use the iReNue Nourishing Eye Pads and rest. I get off the plane more relaxed and comfortable. This is a great product."

Wanda C.


"My 8-year-old son had a stye. I gave him the iReNue Nourishing Eye Pads…Two treatments and gone! Healed! Good stuff!"

Carrie K.


"My eyes get dry and "scratchy" and my eyelids get so red and puffy when I do a lot of computer work. So I have started using the iRenue patches at bedtime and my eyes feel so much better-and they look better too!"


"I tried the iReNue Nourishing Eye Pads and found them to be so relaxing. My eyes felt lighter. My vision was brighter. These feel good."

Melinda R