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Navel Spray Testimonials

"Since I started using the navel spray, I sleep much better, getting up way less times at night. Before I use to get up 3-4 times a night, but now only 1 time or sometimes not at all. I feel more energetic and my night cramps are occurring less. I have used the navel spray 1-2 times/day, for a month so far."

"I started using the navel spray because I have a weak spleen.

I have been having better B.M.s so far. That happened quite soon after I started. My body feels warm while it’s being absorbed."

“I think Dao Mist for the Navel has calmed my stomach down.  Possibly even helping me to lose weight.”


"I have adhesions in my small intestine. When I would feel my lower abdomen, it felt like I had an oblong, thick, lumpy piece of hard rubber down under my skin. I’ve been using the navel spray at bedtime, most nights for about 5 months. When I use the navel spray, I can feel a sensation like fizzing in that area. The "thick rubber" feels softer and even a little smaller now. And I have more libido!"


"I used the navel spray, now my kidney stone is gone!"


“I sleep like a kitten after using Dao Mist for the Navel.”


“I feel so calm and warm when I use Dao Mist for the Navel. It most definitely helps me to sleep more soundly and longer through the night.”


Sensations felt by clients trying Dao Mist for the Navel for the first time:


“When I first used the Dao Mist for the Navel it cooled me, then it felt like a warm blanket melting away any pains. I know this sounds weird, but it knew where to go.”


Linda: (Bladder and Lower Back issues)

When applies Dao Mist to the navel, reported it feeling very cooling. She reported feeling a cool buzzing sensation moving up her lower belly.

After 5 minutes: Reported a cooling sensation in the lower back and hips. (Lumbar 4, Lumbar 5, Sacral1)

After 7 minutes: The cooling started to spread to her entire back and enter her bladder.

After 10 minutes: She felt relaxed and tired.

After 15 minutes: She kept saying it feels like waves moving in my lower abdomen and bladder.

Before she got up, she said she felt very, very calm.


Greg: (Had damage and pain from an accident to the back and groin area)

When applies Dao Mist to the navel, reports feeling "Cold first then warm feeling around navel, lower belly, and groin. My back is tingling, but I feel good. No pain."

After 5 minutes, he said he feels a warm feeling starting to spread into buttocks and down his legs. He said he could fall asleep right now. Very calm and warm.