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A Season of Miracles: The Winter Immunity Event
Winter 2011

The Natural Healing Research Foundation, Honolulu Qi Center, Kauai Qi Center and Grandmaster Hong presented the 2011 Winter Immunity Event on January 8th, 2011. With over 1000 people attending, the number of miracles continues to grow from year to year. From improved sleep to overnight diminishing of symptoms, attendees have reported miraculous changes in health, energy, appetite and mood within 1-8 days of the event.

I didn't have to take my ADD medication, I felt that I was able to focus, and had enough energy to exercise. This whole week I was able to keep up with my kids and actually craved healthier food! (Sharon Yamamoto, Honolulu)

My sleeping has been better, I have more energy. Mainly though, I'm breathing so much better, can talk better, it has significantly helped my asthma. (Leoncio Castillo, Honolulu)

My appetite and digestion improved. I didn't have to take a nap and could work in the yard during the day. (Arthur Siguid, Honolulu)

I had really sound sleep and great energy. Usually I wake up at night. (Dennis Handa, Honolulu)

I had more bowel movements and more energy since! (Phyllis Ching, Honolulu)

Immunity Event participants practicing Master Hong's Medical Qi Gong exercise to open the lung, heart, stomach, and spleen meridians.

These bi-yearly events have sparked interest in what it actually FEELS like to take control of individual health. For some attendees, the almost-overnight change in health has started them on a path of recovery from chronic symptoms that they have had for years. For others, it has prompted them to change how they eat, exercise, and view their personal health.

A few years ago I came because I was curious why my neighbors were going, and figured I had nothing to lose because it was free. This one event changed the course of my entire life and now I bring my entire family and any friend who is able to attend. (Daniel Harioka, Honolulu)

Energetic triangles in the upper and lower body which are patched on alternating seasons in order to have the greatest impact on the body's immune system.

This day and time of year is the most powerful time to energetically influence the immune system, kidneys, the body's Qi, and kidneys. The synergistic effect of stimulating acupoints through herbal patching in both winter and summer creates a natural yin-yang flow of energy throughout the body, throughout the year. In summer we treat our upper body energetic pyramid (Yang), while in winter, the pyramid of the lower body is treated (Yin). In doing so, blockages (which can cause sickness, pain, and disease) can be un-blocked. These energetic and structural pyramids amongst our body become asymmetrical and unbalanced, leading to further breakdown of our physical, energetic, and spiritual body.

From a Natural Healing perspective, the seasonal cycles that we experience on earth are a reflection of overall universal energy changes. This same cycle is also reflected within the microcosm of our bodies. Throughout the world an increase in natural weather phenomena are observed on this most Yin day of the year. In Natural Healing, going with these energy cycles throughout the year and one's life greatly impacts health, overall wellbeing, and longevity.

Attendees receive herbal patches at the event on Kauai.

Educating and helping the community become healthier remains the primary goal of these humanitarian events through the NHRF and Grandmaster Hong. Research, which began in 2006 continues to grow as participants continue to experience gradual but remarkable changes in their overall health. This approach to health helps give individuals greater control over their body. Master Hong and the NHRF continue to stress the importance of consulting a doctor when afflicted with health concerns. This program is complementary to conventional approaches, and when used in tandem offers the best guarantee of health and prevention.

The next FREE Summer Respiratory event will be held on the following dates in Honolulu, Kahuku, and Kauai: July 14th, July 24th, and August 13th. Each participant will receive free herbal patches, handouts, and other natural healing tools. For any questions, email: miracles@qimaster.com.