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Enter the Cave
Master Hong's Year of the Dragon Teacher Training Retreat Program

The Teacher Training Retreat program is based upon master Hong's experience in his Master's Cave. Students came to the North Shore, Hawaii for 10 days. Some thought they would snorkel, sunbathe, and relax. Instead they were met by torrential rain, relentless wind and Master Hong.

Everyday was filled with 8-10 hours of Qi Gong instruction and practice, Medical Qi Gong theory, medical nutrition lectures, and meals consisting of healing foods and herbs. The day started with an herbal Morning Elixir Tea for sustained energy and ended with a Nighttime Tea nightcap for deep and restful sleep.

Students learned four different qi gong forms including Rejuvenation, Golden Eight, Basic Eight, and the 12 Sitting exercises. As the days passed, the student's proficiency of each Qi Gong form greatly improved. Many said that they could feel their own self-healing taking place. Towards the end of the trip, Master took the students on a Healing Food excursion to Chinatown where they visited Specialty Herbal shops where he explained the health benefits of all the foods they had been eating. The next day was a planned tour of Waikiki, however the students declined this social outing in order to continue their practice.

One morning Master Hong led the class in Drum Meditation. This was done in an enclosed energy dome with a 3 foot diameter Taiko drum. Master Hong's assistants beat the drum while the students focused and felt the energy from the deep vibrations. Many students had a profound energetic experience.

Students were also able to experience Master Hong's brand new Yin-Yang Body Pyramid exercises while visiting the new Kaneohe Qi Center. During the retreat each student slept in an energy dome that was designed by Master Hong. Each student was assigned a dome based upon Feng Shui calculations. The domes aligned each student with their beneficial directions and helped their body, mind, and spirit to better absorb and connect with universal energy flow.

It was 10 days filled with deep and powerful learning. The body was strengthened, the mind was stimulated, and the spirit was nourished. Many lasting friendships were formed and fortified by the sharing of this incredible experience as everyone came together with an openness of heart and mind to learn these forms of Qi Gong. "I learned more about Qi Gong, both its physical practice as well as its benefits to health and healing than I ever expected to and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process." emailed one student upon her return home. Others remarked that despite years of other energetic practices such as Tai Chi and Yoga, they had never felt their vital life energy (Qi) as they did during the retreat. This was due to the intense practice of Master Hong's powerful Medical Qi Gong forms.

It is Master Hong's hope that his students form a Qi Gong family so that they can continue to learn from each other and support one another in their journey to becoming powerful healers and teachers. This way each student will be able to help more people with healing power of Qi Gong. Many left the retreat with goals to open their own practices. The entire program was guided by Master Hong's knowledge, wisdom, and compassion.