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Natural Healing Cancer Recovery and Prevention

Doctors can’t tell you these secrets

On May 18, 2013, the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare hosted a workshop by Grandmaster Hong with about 100 people attending.

Most popular workshop ever! It was short and to the point, just 3 hours, then later I got the 2 CDs to learn the many exercises and cook the recipes right.

Energy mapping can show why you developed cancer

It was very interesting—At the beginning of the workshop, Master used the current news about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. He showed that everything that happened made sense, using life energy mapping. The mapping showed why her mother and aunt died young from breast and/or ovarian cancer, the reasons Angelina is successful, beautiful and sexy--especially in her lips and her natural curves--and at the same time showed why it could be easy for her to develop cancer, why she decided to have the surgery, and why her husband supported her in her decision.

The gossip columns say there is a story behind what happened, that a certain genetic analysis company’s stocks profited from the news splash--and expressed their gratitude with money. Again, life energy mapping showed that this made sense.

Learning the roots of cancer-physical & psychological/trauma roots

This workshop taught us how to remove the underlying two roots of cancer—whether during treatment, in recovery, or in prevention. These roots are 1) psychological/trauma and 2) physical. If these problems are not eradicated, the cancer can more easily come back.

Natural healing medicine offers good support during chemotherapy and radiation. I learned how herbs, acupuncture and healing food nutrition can reduce side effects and improve the quality of life. I learned Master’s method and I have lots of recipes.

Learning a medical Qi Gong exercise for breast cancer

Now I know that wrong foods and wrong lifestyle contributed to me developing cancer. Master taught us the importance of synchronizing our energetic cycles with the universe – to follow the energy cycles of the year, season, month and day. When I “go with the flow” I will get energized instead of drained. Now I’m cutting out my habit of being off-cycle. I want to be a master of “timing” in catching the energy waves and letting them help me. Master said it is like swimming with the tide, working with the moguls on a ski slope for greater speed, and playing with a yo-yo. I want to take advantage of the energy cycles and change my life energy from negative to positive.

I’m a physical therapist. Qi Gong has many gates and many styles. In this workshop I learned breast cancer and prostate cancer medical qi gong exercises. Now I know medical qi gong has different exercises for different diseases. It’s just like in Western Medicine--they use different medicines for different diseases. Timing in fighting cancer is very important. I want to use these new modern weapons to fight people’s cancer.

Learning an exercise for detoxification 

I’m a fan of Master Hong. Every time he offers a workshop here in Arizona, I go. I have been going for 16 years. I learned the Basic 8, Golden 8, Rejuvenation, Yi Jin Jing, 12 Sitting Exercises, the Healing Sounds, Instructor Training and Body Pyramid Exercises. Every time, I learned new things.

Now I am getting busy and I don’t have much time. I asked Master Hong, “Which exercise is important for me? Master said, “You should practice the newest ones which will yield the most effective results – Body Pyramid exercises will be a shortcut for you! Now I use iPhone 5 4G. Why do you still use iPhone 1? Qi Gong has a long history, and it is still getting better.