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Special Sale on DVD and CD Package!
$75 off the 10-item set: Grandmaster Hong and His Work

For the first time, we are offering a package deal that covers all of Master Hong’s educational digital offerings--some never before available!

Learn the full spectrum of Master Hong’s state-of-the-art teaching of ancient Qi Gong and how to eat and sleep for vital health! A wide variety of Qi Gong forms, with different effects, including longevity, spirituality, brain performance, and development of special abilities.

Package includes:
1. New! Introduction to Master Hong and His Work DVD:
Watch 5 inspirational TV documentaries about Master Hong and his work $10

2. New! Documentary DVD:
A Senior Citizen’s Class of 12 Sitting Qi Gong Exercises $5

Qi Gong Exercise DVDs—to follow along (with bonus intro footage)
3. 12 Sitting Qi Gong exercises $30
4. Basic 8 Qi Gong exercises $30
5. Rejuvenation Qi Gong exercises $30
6. Healing Sounds/Weight Management Qi Gong exercises $30
7. Golden 8 Qi Gong exercises $30
8. Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong $30

New! Qi to Sleep Audio CD:
Listening to the hypnotic Qi-guiding voice fosters deep and restful sleep, which helps prevent disorders and promotes recovery $15

New! Healing Foods and Healing Recipes Powerpoint CD:
Clear photos & text help you find the right healing foods (59!) and prepare them (25 delicious recipes!) for best health effects. $15

This package offers the tools for a lifetime of gathering and increasing your energy through Qi Gong, healing foods, and healthy sleep!

These inspiring 10 items are a $225 value.
Now, for a limited time, only $150!
To order, call 626-445-4284.