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Cancer Strategies Symposium

UNIQUE CANCER STRATEGIES presentations leave integrative medicine professionals calling for more!

Grandmaster Hong's complementary natural healing approach for cancer patients caused repeated "Aha!" moments in the medical and natural healing professionals attending a symposium on integrative care. His unique information was in such demand that the schedule was changed to allow him to speak again.

The symposium, Cancer Strategies: Improving Outcomes and Quality of Life, was offered in Scottsdale, AZ for 150 participants on March 25-27, 2011 by the Healthy Medicine Academy. The academy offered teachings by a world class faculty spanning the spectrum of cancer care. The faculty were chosen for being some of the finest teachers and practitioners in the country who consistently have great outcomes in cancer care and who are impeccable in their lives and work.

Attendee Edward Hanzelik, MD, described the symposium thus: This is a scientifically grounded exploration of the revolution in the care of people with cancer. Excellent speakers on diverse subjects provided inspiration and stimulation of reflection.

Grandmaster Hong's standout presentation stirred the professional audience to obtain more speaking time from him. First, his lecture was extended by an extra half hour. Next, attendees asked for Grandmaster Hong to be allowed to speak again. Despite the pre-established schedule, the coordinator of the symposium managed to rearrange the final day so that Grandmaster Hong could be the final speaker, providing an "up" note to the close. Finally, many of the professionals signed up for Grandmaster Hong's workshops on the same topic—one held in May, 2011 and one coming up on September 17, 2011 in Golden, Colorado.

What did Grandmaster Hong talk about that riveted the attending doctors, healers, and representatives for pharmaceutical research and development? Grandmaster Hong gave an overview of understanding of how to improve human energy and ways to achieve these changes. He described some cases (see Fig.1) and research that support the approach, and taught some of the methods that can be used for the "average" clients with two very common types of cancer.

Fig.1 Lowering of PSA level after energy work by Grandmaster Hong

He explained that the comprehensive approach to the human energy system he uses is based in the fundamental theories of the five elements, yin-yang, and balance. Applying simple principles of how to rebalance and unblock energy, he has many methods to offer to cancer patients as they experience the specific imbalances that commonly occur during chemotherapies, during radiation, and from the various cancers themselves. Teaching the audience to work with principles, rather than just strictly rote remedies, he showed the audience how one can tailor techniques to the strengths and weaknesses of the client. He encouraged the audience to see that there is always some way to change energy, and preferably by the actions of the client themselves.

Drawing on his esoteric and varied background, Grandmaster Hong has developed a complementary approach that is unique, powerful, easy to use, and one that can be tailored to the needs of the individual cancer survivor. He is providing methods and techniques unfamiliar to the West--and some ancient tools that are even unfamiliar to the Chinese medical field.

Doctors learning medical qi gong exercises for breast cancer

Grandmaster Hong's program includes ancient, almost-lost teachings and folk remedies, but they are not unexamined. Because he has been applying and refining his approach for the past 20 years in the US, his comprehensive program of medical qigong exercises, healing foods (with recipes), herbs, acupuncture points, reflexology and mind and lifestyle changes, all added together, is not just a theoretically useful complement to Western medical treatment. It is an all inclusive natural healing approach (see Fig.2) that has been applied and practiced by numerous Western medicine clients, with impressive--and sometimes amazing-- results.

Fig.2 Multiple small modalities add up to strong natural healing benefit

Participants paid particular interest when learning from Grandmaster Hong that the effectiveness of a modality can be enhanced by using the right timing for the person's body cycle and organ energy cycles. The cancer survivor can implement very easy changes in aspects of daily life and eat certain common foods on a time schedule. For cancer clients whose financial resources are already seriously depleted, being empowered to help themselves with easy lifestyle changes and inexpensive foods can be a windfall.

Another principle of interest shared by Grandmaster Hong was that the human body is able to cope and coexist with cancer. Cancer thrives when the body becomes imbalanced. Therefore the client is encouraged to learn that by maintaining balance, there is the potential to live a normal and even long life despite the presence of cancer.

Symposium participants' interest continued as Grandmaster Hong explained (with power-point illustrations) how certain medical qi gong exercises worked the energy flow, muscles and nerves that tend to be tight or blocked in specific kinds of cancer.

Master Hong teaching how exercise affects prostate energy flow

Grandmaster Hong's presentation hit home to the attendees when he shared that a client of his, who is an oncologist, himself living with cancer, experienced firsthand the powerful effects of Grandmaster Hong's approach. This client spread the news to Healthy Medicine Academy resulting in the invitation for Grandmaster to speak at this symposium.

Grandmaster Hong closed with a welcomed question and answer period. Between his lecture and his Q&A's, he addressing the following:

  • What is the role and contribution of Natural Healing modalities toward the recovery/rehabilitation of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments?
  • How can medical qigong, an energetic practice with a history of thousands of years, make a difference in preventive and rehabilitative cancer interventions?
  • What has research shown regarding the greater benefit of qi gong over regular exercise in cancer patients?
  • What types of healing foods can support the recovery of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments? What foods can help their bodies to increase their white blood cell count, to strengthen their immunity and to improve their physical constitution?
  • How can certain foods and exercise help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation?
  • What kind of comprehensive program, including healing foods, qigong exercises, yinyang psychology & lifestyle changes can minimize the chance of the recurrence when cancer is in remission?

Attendees learn breast cancer exercise from Master Hong

Just as timing is important in application of natural healing modalities for cancer clients, timing is important in the spread and application of new approaches in any field. The approach must be well-developed and refined, it must be able to be easily communicated, and people in the field must be open to considering the message. Fortunately, with the gradual compilation of positive research results on complementary methods, health professionals are opening their eyes to the usefulness of this kind of integrative approach. From the reaction of the audience at the Cancer Strategies symposium, it appears that the time is right for the use of Grandmaster Hong's natural healing approach by professionals in the Western health fields. Combining the natural healing modalities offered by Grandmaster Hong with conventional care, professionals can empower their cancer clients to lead better quality--and potentially longer--lives.

Phenomenal information presented by dynamic speakers! Great information to take back and help our patients. (S. Riseborough, ND, Durango, CO)