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2011 Summer Respiratory Events

Presented by Grandmaster Hong Liu and the Natural Healing Research Foundation

Grandmaster Hong and the Natural Healing Research Foundation (NHRF) have welcomed thousands of people to the annual Summer Humanitarian Respiratory events. Along with the annual Winter Immunity event, this program is one of Hawaii's largest educational humanitarian events. A complementary approach for improving and preventing respiratory problems is offered. The primary goal to educate people on how to implement practical, yet powerful, natural healing methods in order to strengthen the body's natural defenses, avoid long-term drug use, and to prevent further health problems continues.

Those who have participated in these events and integrated these practices into their lives for three consecutive years show an 80% overall improvement of respiratory problems.

On the three hottest days during the summer of 2011, Grandmaster Hong presented the benefits of following Yang energy at the Natural Healing Research Foundation (NHRF) Annual Humanitarian events. The focus of the three summer events was to magnify the Yang energy which will rid the body of negative, cold, sick Yin energy resulting in a stronger immune system and a balanced respiratory system with improved breathing and circulation. Master Hong shared how moving the Yang energy benefits asthma, diabetes, heart disease and pain management.

To magnify the benefits, continued strategic use of herbal patches on specific points of the body on the three hottest days of summer aid to heal respiratory disease. The patches were recommended to be worn for 6 12 hours on each of the three days. Over the past few years, this method of treatment has been implemented throughout many hospitals in parts of China and Taiwan with good success rates.

Along with the herbal patches, reflexology and Qi Gong exercises of benefit were included along with the energetics of healing foods. More warming Yang foods and drinks should be consumed during these three hottest days; cooling Yin foods and drinks are to be avoided.

Using food as medicine is nothing new. Nature's foods contain powerful medicine in the form of phytonutrients and knowing how to use these natural "medicines" is empowering information with good benefits.

Master explained the inclusion of the healing powers of ginger during this time. He spoke of placing ginger in the navel along with soaking the feet in hot water infused with mugwort and ginger powder before bedtime. These are some of the ways for the body to follow the Yang energy and help the Yin energy exit the body.

Participants at Aiea Elementary stretch to open internal organs to bolster Lungs, while others take notes to continue the practice at home

At Sacred Hearts Gym, opening the Lung meridian exercise strengthens the respiratory system

Master shared healing food recipes to address specific ailments: asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, weight management and sinus congestion with postnasal issues. Adhering to the recipe and its directions provides another natural healing methodology for improving health.

Continuing the practice of Qi Gong exercises and consuming Yang healing foods, with the herbal patches during the three hottest days, for three consecutive years will improve one's respiratory health and strengthen the immune system.

Testimony from the seniors who used the Mugwort and Ginger Powder Foot Soak...

Made me warm and comfortable. I felt relaxed which helped me to sleep better.

I started perspiring soon after immersing my feet into the hot water with the mugwort and ginger powder. I kept on perspiring from the top of my head and the front and back of my body throughout the soak. I felt so cleansed and refreshed.

The hot water with the herbs really made me sweat. I felt good later and relaxed.

As my feet were soaking, I felt the tiredness going out of my body. After a while, I became very comfortable and felt good.

A testimony from someone who used one of the healing herbal recipes...

Healing Herbal Recipe #4: After eating the first tangerine on the first day, I was able to sleep lying down through the whole night. My sinus passages were clear and I didn't get up to cough at all.

More testimony will be shared as people report their experiences with the healing herbal food recipes and exercises.

If you attended any or all of the events and have continued the exercises or are using any of the healing herbal food recipes, please call the Qi Center at 533-1333 and let us know of your experiences and/or any changes that may have happened for you. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you! Mahalo!!