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Spring Wellness Program Report

The 2009 Wellness program served as a catalyst for each individual to continue down a path of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The goal of the Wellness Program is to restore balance to all of the organ pairs integrating several elements, including aerobic and anaerobic exercise and breathing practices, natural foods and recipes, reflexology practices, healing sounds, and many other activities in an idyllic setting.

The eight individuals who participated in the two-week Wellness Program lost a combined total of 73.7 lbs. and 36.11 inches (neck, waist, and abdomen measurements used for calculation). The average weight lost per individual was 9.16 lbs. and the average amount of combined inches lost per individual was 5.16.

A spirometer was used to measure participants Forced vital capacity (FVC) and Forced expiratory volume (FEV1) before and after the two week Wellness Program.

  • Forced vital capacity (FVC) - The maximum volume of air, measured in liters that can be forcibly and rapidly exhaled.
  • Forced expiratory volume (FEV1) - The volume of air expelled in the first second of a forced expiration.
Results indicated that FVC and FEV1 measurements improved during this course of time for six of the eight participants (75%). Increases in these two indicators are shown below in red.

The main premise of the Wellness program is based on the natural healing canon: The bodyís efficiency, both internally and externally, along with weight loss and weight gain are determined by the relative balance/imbalance of our internal organ energy. If an internal organ pair (an Yin internal organ and its associated Yang internal organ) is imbalanced, we will feel its effects in our moods and see increased fat in a specific area. For example, imbalances in the kidney/urinary bladder organs will lead to increased fat in the lower abdomen and inner thighs. Additionally, when the body is balanced its energy can smoothly and efficiently flow, having a positive effect on digestion, metabolism, and sleep, influencing all other bodily functions. The key to the program lies in its energy-balancing effect on the internal organs, allowing us to address the very cause of the excess weight.

By making the key elements of this program a part of daily life, not only are the internal organ energies improved for the purpose of creating and maintaining a healthy weight, the body is also rejuvenated from the inside out Ė creating youthfulness throughout the mind, the body, the inside and out!

As these eight participants progressed through this program, they were able to have greater insight of the human body as an intricate ecosystem, wherein changes that appeared to be isolated actually created shifts throughout the entire system. As a damaging effect can create a chain reaction to destroy that ecosystem, a small improvement can improve system-wide balance. This program not only helped make organ energy adjustments that initiated and maintained weight loss, but the more balanced state of each participantsí body generated numerous other beneficial effects, such as increased energy, lowered blood pressure, increased lung capacity, general health maintenance, relief from chronic health problems, less reliance on prescription medications, and permanent changes in lifestyle. This program allowed participants to take greater control of their health by understanding how the balance of internal organ energy affects the function, appearance, and overall energy levels of the body.

The way I viewed my body and what I put into it totally changed. I left feeling empowered.

After all these years, Iím finally able to see my body in a positive, balanced light. I know Iím healthier just learning this.Ē

I wonder what the rest of my life would be like if I hadnít done this two weeks. It really changed my life.