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New Client Testimonials
Breast Cancer

"In 2008 I had breast cancer stage 3 and was treated by Master Hong in [location deleted]. I was taught qi gong to heal my body by Master Hong.  But I forgot how to do what he taught me. Now almost 6 years later my mammogram is showing in my scar tissue where the tumor was-- next to the staples something... On Monday I see the surgeon who did the surgery the first time to see what he says. Not looking forward to that.  Something got me searching for Master Hong...without him I know I wouldn't have survived this long.....I have the Healing Art of Gi Gong book and will start to read it as soon as I get off this email .....I need to strengthen my mind.

[same client emailed 4 days later]:

I was fortunate and had an appointment Thursday...Master Hong once again has helped and is healing me....Pointing me with his gifts in the right direction."

Breast Cancer

[A client came for appointment because of a breast cancer tumor. She was scheduled to have surgery in 4 days. She emailed us 5 days after the surgery]:

"I had surgery removing the tumor last Tuesday and the drains come out next Monday.

The surgeon is very optimistic. She feels she got clear margins, and although she took out three lymph nodes for the pathologist, she said they were soft and that is a good beginning.  She will phone me as soon as she has that report.

I am glad my friend came in last Monday.  I've been telling her about Grandmaster Hong for months and months. Love to all."

[The same client emailed back 5 days later]:

"Pathology report -it is great!

1.2 cm tumor, clear margins, and NO lymph node involvement.  No further surgery recommended.


Breast Cancer

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Cancer Workshop

"Thank you for the wealth of information you provided in the Cancer Prevention Workshop and the valuable powerpoint which followed.   Thanks for your counsel."

Heart Problems

"Master Hong cured some very serious and debilitating problems that I had with my heart.

I had terrible episodes where I couldn't breathe, was faint and I had to lie down for an hour and had tremendous palpitations. You could actually see my heart beating in my chest-like a cartoon! I never have them now. 

They almost completely ended after my first session with Master Hong."

-Linda, California


"Good news, the two cyst on the left side that master hong had knock out is gone. Yesterday check up. The ultra sound did not show us anything. I am forever great-ful for his friend and blessing. Thank you. Can you see that Grand Master Hong gets this message."

Sifu, Xie-xie.

High Blood Pressure & Age-related Cervical Posture Syndrome (Kyphosis)

"Thank you so much for all your help over the last year. [deleted]'s mother [elderly woman with symptoms of aging] is doing so much better. The Body Pyramid is changing my life. I now do it twice a day, almost every day. I am taller; my posture is better. My blood pressure has improved, my health is better. 

Thank you so much for everything." 

Back Pain

"I went to Master Hong in 1992 at his home. He literally healed my back by waving his hand over it...I will never forget going to his home, him helping so much. My kids are grown now, but when I came to you, they were three and one. You changed my life and I am forever grateful. I am fine and I have told a good friend to contact you about her back...Wishing all good things."

Pain in leg, back & neck

"Have lost some weight.  Pain in leg gone.  Pain

in back and neck, gone.  Feeling more energy and much better."


"I have scoliosis so I have had integrated therapeutic bodywork massage for years.

After my first visit [on May 7, 2014 in which she was assigned to practice the Body Pyramid] with Grandmaster Hong, my muscles were much more even in my back. The part that was resisting has finally let go. The bodywork masseur said my body is responding to the massage like a younger person's. It made a BIG difference.

After my second visit [July 8, 2014]with Master Hong, for the first time my body alignment was absolutely straight! and the masseur said the muscles were much more pliable. I am balanced--and I love the Morning Elixir!"

Pneumonia in a baby

"The less than 2-year-old son of my niece had walking Pneumonia. He had been congested and sick for about 5 days before and just didn't get better. The parents came home from the doctor's office with some antibiotics, motrin and tylenol.

He still had a fever of 103, he was dehydrated, lethargic, in pain, constipated, and wouldn't drink. The Doctor told the mom tha t if his diaper was not wet in 12 hours they needed to go to the Hospital. She sounded panicked so I called Master Hong. Master Hong contacted her via Skype. Master showed her a simple palm massage and finger rub that she was to do on the baby. He showed her how to rub his back in a special way.

The baby's last bowel movement had been almost 3 days before. Master told her that if the baby could move his bowels, this would help his lungs and fever.

This is what my niece told me happened in the next 24 hours:

The baby's fever was about 103.5. He was hot and sweaty. He didn't want to drink or be touched. She said he was agitated. She did the back rub which he liked. He calmed down and dozed in and out.

Two hours later he had a wet diaper and a bowl movement! His fever was down and he was much more active and energized than he had been. He drank some and ate some apple sauce. She said he became almost too active and she worried that he wouldn't fall asleep that night. She used the a method as directed and soon he was calm and sleepy. He fell into a deep sleep.

At 1:30 am or so he awoke with a fever over 105! By 2:30 am they were at the Hospital. She gave him some motrin on the way. By the time he was at the Hospital his fever was down to 103.

The Hospital did nothing. Just said to watch him. He was brought back home to sleep.

When he woke up in the morning, his fever was down, he was smiling. He ate and drank and was almost back to normal.

My niece told me that she would like to continue to use these simple rubs as a preventative measure for her son...His whole life he has been prone to lung issues and still has problems with constipation and low Iron.

Thank you Master Hong!" From "Auntie Rha"

Numb feet from Spinal Surgery

[A relative called to set an appointment and described the client's condition]:

She has a problem walking. She is 68 years old. She had blood clots in her spine and she had to have an operation. Her feet are numb. She falls down a lot from not lifting her feet. She uses a cane.

[Report after client's appointment]:

"I am walking so much better! I am really thrilled with what he did yesterday. Thanks a million."

Body Wasting

"Almost 20 years ago I was having a really hard time. I could hardly eat or sleep. I saw Master Hong and he gave me some exercises to strengthen my organs. I did them an hour a day and in 3 weeks I felt much better! If I missed 1-2 days I felt myself going backward, so I would return to practicing. In 6 months my body would hold the good energy and I didn't need to practice. I have been fine for all those years."

Ringing of the ears (Tinnitus)

"I wanted to give my great report [on Pausatile Tinnitus] to the Master Hong at the last visit but we became busy with friends so I didn't.


First I'll give you a report from the first treatment on 4/29/14;

  • Within a week of the treatment, sounds of whooshing and pounding heartbeat from my left ear were down almost 50%...
  • No more lightheaded and short breaths walking around the neighbors houses
  • To be able to sleep longer hours, no more wake up often by the sounds of my ear
  • Still get tired on/off during the day so take a rest laying down in the afternoon
  • 5/7/14 From 2 AM to next day 1 PM No Sounds at all for total 11 hours!

Addition to this Pausatile Tinnitus report, my shoulder is getting so much better by days... I no longer do acupuncture or western practice but stay with Master Hong.  

Thank you."

Ringing of the ears (Tinnitus)

"I use an exercise Master Hong taught me for ringing of the ears. Whenever I get it, I practice the exercise for awhile, and then usually it goes away pretty fast."


"I came to Master Hong for anxiety. At the appointment I could feel the energy working. in my body, and I felt so good and peaceful when I left. He gave me exercises to do. Doing them immediately relaxes me. Also I handle the stress of the day better. My anxiety is way down, probably about normal."

Hearing Voices

"Master Hong's treatment with [name deleted] was a 100% successful. No voices. Now he's having some more trouble, could we schedule an appointment?"

Emotional Problem

"I am getting better step by step, doing exercises. Warmest regards to you and master hong!!"

Fatigue, Stomach Reflux, Low Bone Density, Joints Go Out in Spine, Hips, Feet

"I've been meaning to write in that my health issues have dramatically improved since my last visit in August. I have been running farther, about 4 miles now, breathing better and easier, and I can now sleep horizontally without my stomach refluxing. So you have solved my most perplexing health issues that have kept me blocked for many years!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart...Wishing you all the best"

[Same client emailing 14 months later]

"Thanks to the body pyramid, the qi gong exercises and all the prior treatments from Master Hong, I'm now in better shape than I have been in decades. I have been able to increase my running and especially biking distances dramatically.... I'm much better than I've been in years. Thanks for everything."

Case of varicose veins in leg

Thanks so much for taking time to treat me yesterday for the veins in my leg. My body feels a lot of changes already. My right knee feels less tight and my right shin feels less "heavy"...I am going to keep it up and am very excited that I have a good way to approach this problem--thanks to you.-Anonymous, June 10 2013, one day after her session with Grandmaster Hong

Same client emailed again:

I wanted to share these photos with you.   I am doing much better, especially with constipation and circulation and my veins are getting noticeably better. They don't poke out as much, especially after exercise or being on my feet...I am very grateful and was thinking that it would be helpful to see Master Hong again to receive another treatment since this last one went so well. I also am still soaking and eating and exercising as instructed.-- June 25 2013

Photos of varicose veins in right shin, all taken after jogging.

Dry Eyes

"I enjoyed the seminar on eye care very much. I have a condition of dry eye - where I tear a lot.  I had cataract surgery on both eyes and even though I see really well, my eyes tear a lot. I have used drops and all from my ophthalmologist but I was still tearing.

Well, I have been diligently doing the eye exercises morning and evening and I am noticing an improvement! Not so much tearing like before.

I wanted to let you know that the exercises have made a difference...It was wonderful to see you again."

Note: If you have irritated or dry eyes, please read the testimonials for the iRenue eyepatches that are on the homepage.