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Love in Your Hands

A Parent's Guide to Healing Touch for a Happy, Healthy Child

A most trying time for parents is when their baby or young child falls ill. Fever, stomach ache, constipation, diarrhea, are some of the biggest concerns regarding their child’s health. What to do?? This becomes the most immediate question. Who can help? Do we call the doctor in the middle of the night? Do we take the child to the nearest hospital emergency room or the local urgent care office? Grandparents or other family members who can provide helpful advice are often called for assistance. The emergency and waiting for a diagnosis causes anxiety and lack of sleep which can be felt by the baby.

Love in Your Hands is the most immediate "go-to" reference for good results. This book is filled with natural healing techniques for common pediatric ailments that plague all parents. In the wild animal kingdom, animal parents do not have modern medical emergency conveniences and locations for treatment for their young. What animal mothers use are instinctive natural healing touch methods - whether they lick them with their tongues, stroke them with their paws for massage - and energy work. The key point is about the love the parents are giving their child while performing the techniques.

Grandmaster Hong has compiled many easily performed natural healing techniques for babies, toddlers and children. These practices may also be used by and for adults. Also included is a section on Source Point. This is a special origination point that regulates vital energy at the moment of birth. Based on the birth hour of the child, the relating point is used for healing touch to help with growth, immunity and longevity for a healthy and happy baby and parents/adults.

The attached two pages are a preview of one of the techniques for constipation and one for fever. Each is only one of the several massages for each issue. This book contains all the massages and source points - a very handy "tool" to have at your fingertips.

Love in Your Hands is available at the Natural Healing Research Foundation's (NHRF) Qi Center - Kaneohe. At the cost of $25 each, the book(s) may be purchased at the Qi Center - Kaneohe store or you can call or email to order books to be mailed to you.

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