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The 2019 Energy Calendar Forecast verified!

Energy Calendar 2019

The 2019 Energy Calendar gives a forecast of what will happen this year in the environment, society, politics, and in the human body, and the first half of the year has verified this forecast to be true!

Many people bought the calendar and have found that following the exercises, healing foods, and lifestyle habits each month has kept them feeling healthier and stronger.

Half of the year has passed. What will happen during the second half of the year? Buy your 2019 Energy Calendar to learn what to do to follow the energy cycles for health and success in the second half of 2019!

Excited about making the most of the rest of the year? Contact Ann at annyamamoto@hawaii.rr.com or 808.348.7565 to order!

Thank you for your interest, support and participation!
The Natural Healing Research Foundation and Master Hong