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New Me Personalized Healing Food Program

The right food for your body is better than medicine.

Would you like to...

Improve your heart health?

Control Diabetes?

Prevent or recover from Cancer?

Manage Autoimmunity?

Stop medication?

Reduce stress?

Lose weight?

Right now, vegetarian and raw vegan diets are popular, but why do they not work for everyone? While a vegetarian diet is healing medicine for some, it can be extremely detrimental not good for others. Some people even find that their health and appearance deteriorates after a few months of adopting these diets and experience lower energy levels, weight gain, bone weakness skin changes, and even heart disease.

Remember, every single body is different! One man's poison can be another's disease. Consider why in one family, where everyone eats the same meals, one individual may experience worse health? Each person requires different nutrition! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is considered the best medicine, but it is specific to the body. It is important not to get caught up in the sweeping nutrition claims and diet fads without paying attention to what really makes your body thrive based on your own symptoms, energy, age, demographics, blood type etc.

Backed by science, the New Me Program follows the cycles of your body and the environment to create coherence. The 2016 Nobel Prize winner in biomedicine studied the biological effects of 7 days of fasting - modeled after the ancient healing practice, Bigu - in promoting autophagy of cancer cells. The 2018 Nobel Prize winners verified that the immune system follows the body's energy cycle through a 24 hour circadian rhythm. Traditional Chinese Medicine has long understood the effects such cycles of the body, from circadian to seasonal. The New Me program aims to help the body to rejuvenate and cleanse from disease over a 7 day healing cycle with consideration of the season and environment.

This is why many people in the New Me program experience improvements in blood pressure, weight loss, clinical biomarkers such as cholesterol and even improved bone density. Every year, the New Me program is evolved and adapted to optimize its effectiveness and relevance for every patient. Your body is designed to adapt, and your diet is too!

The New Me Course is based on 7 pillars of health to craft the perfect dietary plan for your optimal recovery, wellbeing and longevity:

  • Original Energy: Your constitution from birth and your relative biological strengths and weaknesses based on this innate energy.
  • Lifestyle:Your current acquired (post-birth) energy rhythm due to lifestyle and external pathogenic factors from diet and environment, and also the effects of accidents, illness,. This can also determine your level of inflammation.
  • Yin/Yang balance: the degree of balance of these two governing fundamental forces in your body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine analysis. This will determine the ratios of yin/yang foods needed for you to regain balance.
  • Cycles: Following the tide of the energy of time and space, and analyzing your personal energy rhythm to achieve synchronous resonance, in order to seek health, and longevity.
  • Blood Type: Different blood types have different requirements for food based on the presence of specific lectins causing aversion to certain food compounds. The correct food for your blood type is true healing food.
  • Taboo Foods:Foods to avoid completely based on your body type, your disease, and medication. These include inflammatory processed foods and certain whole foods which can worsen your current condition.
  • Duration:The New Me program typically follows a 7 day cycle to ensure that you experience the most transformative results with minimal discomfort and risks. However, the duration and frequency is personalized dependent on your personal needs. Certain individuals may benefit from an extended or repeated one 7 day cycle, potentially with a break in between.

Contact us to learn more about what your program will look like. From every aspect, the New Me program is tailored specifically to you! If you're interested in this program, contact Master Hong's office at miracles@qimaster.com.