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Winter Immunity Course and Feng Shui are even more important in 2020!
WHAT WILL HAPPEN? 2020 will be a year of extreme climate change.

Spring will be dry and warm (instead of rainy with the temperature gradually rising).

Summer will be steaming hot with high humidity.

Autumn will be humid and cold, (as opposed to dry and windy),

Winter will be extremely cold

These abnormal climate changes will inevitably be a great test for everyone's immunity and body, especially for the elderly, and those who have suffered from illnesses, as they are at increased risk of complications caused by colds, which can be life-threatening.

According to the laws of the universe's energy, time, space, and 60-year cycle, it is likely that there will be a major disaster in 2020, or a turning point in history. There will likely be major natural disasters and man-made disasters.

This will be manifested in bad weather, geological disasters, the instability of the earth and electronic magnetic fields, affecting electronics, electrical equipment, (heating, refrigeration equipment), computers, etc., and it will certainly affect personal luck and physical health.


Back in history 60 years ago, in 1960, a magnitude 9.5 earthquake in Chile killed 140,000 people. Tens of thousands died of starvation in China, the United States officially sent troops to Vietnam, and there were tens of thousands of casualties on both sides. Seventeen African countries first had a civil war and then the nations declared independence. Sixty years earlier, in 1900, the Great Famine in India killed millions. A massive wave of strikes broke out in Europe, and the American Civil War broke out. Death was everywhere.


Learn not only what to expect in 2020 for the universe, earth, country, politics, economy, society, personal physiology, heart, and energy rhythm, but also learn what to do to prevent these things from affecting you, your home and your family. Learn to comply with the energy, and adjust your home, work, and life habits.  


The Feng Shui Seminars will do just that; they will teach what to expect in the world, the US, politics, economy, society, health, and also what you should expect for you personally and your family depending on where you fall on the Chinese Zodiac (12 year cycle). The Feng Shui workshop will then teach you how to set up your home – in other words, how to set up your external environment to protect your home, office, yourself and your family.

Seminar Locations:

Honolulu: January 12th

Phoenix: January 19th

Los Angeles: January 25th

Denver: February 1st

Kauai: February 8th

*Please email miracles@qimaster.com if you would like to attend a seminar.


To strengthen your body's energy in preparation for the severe weather this year, follow the Winter Immunity Course, a concentrated period of time to follow recipes, exercises, life habits, and herbal patching that will improve immunity so that your body is strong and can fight off illness this year. This is the Natural Healing version of an Immunization Shot. Extremely powerful in protecting and strengthening the body.

This year the winter immunity program will run from January 9-17.

Please email miracles@qimaster.com if you would like to order this at-home course.



The energy calendar teaches you to synch your body with the universe's energy each month of the year. Just as Feng Shui is to balance the energy of your environment, the Energy Calendar teaches you Feng Shui for your body! That is, every day, every month, every season, every family follows a certain energy rhythm, and the calendar shows how to balance the mind, body, food, and exercises to follow the energy tide stay balanced all year long.

*To order, email Ann at annyamamoto@hawaii.rr.com.

I hope that you will use all three of these tools together to create balance in your environment, your health, and your energy for the whole year. This year it is more important than every to take careful control of your Qi. -Master Hong