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Hello everyone,

I have received a lot of good feedback from people who have used the COVID-19 prevention recipe that we sent last week. Some people have concerns about the use of sugar, however, especially those who have diabetes, are former cancer patients, and some who are affected by different opinions.

Grandmaster Hong's answer is: to grasp the current main health concern - the current virus - improving immunity is the top priority. Using less sugar and sugar cessation is best long-term, however, the use of black or brown sugar in a short period of time, is feasible.

Black sugar and brown sugar: in addition to fructose in nutrition, these sugars have more vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants, such as: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, selenium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, and so on, and these are the same necessary nutrients lacked by diabetics, cancer patients, frail, and elderly people.

As an example that is familiar to us: brown rice and white rice are different; bread made from whole wheat flour is different than bread made with white flour. In short, you can't make a big mistake because of small things. For another example, more than ten years ago, it was thought that the effect of the caffeine in green tea was negative on the body. Now, it is also recognized that the active ingredients in green tea can inhibit cancer cells, which is positive. As in the latest research, drinking coffee is beneficial for diabetics. In short, you cannot focus on small negatives and discard the greater positive effects.

If you still cannot accept black or brown sugar psychologically, please use one to two lemon slices, and add other ingredients: ginger, green onion, garlic, cook together and drink.

The current infection of the new coronavirus begins in the upper respiratory tract and moves down to the digestive system, the blood system to the whole body. From the concept of natural healing, Chinese medicine, our recommended dietetic formula, ginger, garlic - light white, spicy, mild - belongs to the yang, the lung meridian, the heart meridian, which acts on the respiratory tract, sterilizes, and inhibits bacteria.

Black sugar, brown sugar, sweet taste, neutrality, stomach and spleen meridian, can affect the digestive system and blood circulation system, the above four help each other. Drinking hot fluid, can achieve the elimination of yin and cold in the body, moisture, evil qi, which improves yang qi in the body, increases immunity and resistance.

At present, patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are basically controlled by western medicine, so in principle, if you have consumed polysaccharides, western medicine can be suppressed. The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is the most effective. The short-term use of black sugar or brown sugar, under close attention, under the current preventive measures is the best way to improve immunity and increase resistance, food therapy and medical therapy are the same source!

Recently, two clients whose physicians had confirmed the presence of the COVID-19 virus, some with low immunity, and old patients with asthma symptoms requested remote energy therapy.

Their feedback was: After receiving remote energy, they felt:

"Immediately on the day, my breathing is smooth, my symptoms are reduced, and my sleep is improved. Especially Grandmaster Hong has specially designed a whole set of food therapy, qigong exercise therapy, lifestyle-adjusting therapies, and herbal therapy, which have made me face a lot of viral diseases. The tools and methods of natural remedies have increased confidence in fighting disease and changed the mentality of fear, loss, sadness and depression. I must insist on carrying out this course every day!"

Grandmaster Hong said:

"It takes time to overcome the disease, and it needs medically proven results. However, while waiting for the effective drugs and vaccines, do what you can to help yourself, improve your immunity, and resistance. You cannot wait!"

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the relevant video to be published. Grandmaster Hong tells you that we are hurrying, because we must first write it in Chinese, then rephrase the changes, shoot the video, use illustrations and text to illustrate, and dub. It is necessary to edit and review, because of limited human resources and funds, it is impossible to hire professionals, and they are all working remotely from home, which has delayed time, please forgive me!

-Grandmaster Hong Liu