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2008 NHRF Fundraiser
On October 30, 2008, three hundred fifty people gathered at the Honolulu Country Club to honor and learn about Grandmaster Hong Liu and The Natural Healing Research Foundation (NHRF). Many here in the islands knew Master Hong Liu through friends and family. Through the years, Master Hong’s mission and philosophies for Hawaii and its people have spread, and NHRF-Oahu has been growing.

The evening was a success. Many influential and well-respected men and women from communities in the islands of Hawaii had come out to support Grandmaster Hong Liu and his teachings of Qi Gong and natural healing methods for leading a long and healthier life. Guest Speakers such as United States Senator Daniel K. Akaka spoke about Grandmaster Hong Liu and the difference he has made here helping the people of Hawaii. Mayor Mufi Hanneman proclaimed October 30, 2008 to be Grandmaster Hong Liu Day in the County of Honolulu, and gave an official commendation to Grandmaster Hong for his efforts in helping the people of Hawaii. T. George Paris, Managing Director of the Iron Workers Union Stabilization Fund, shared a short testimonial about his medical scare with prostate problems and how Grandmaster Hong Liu had helped him and his family. Anthony R. Guerrero, Jr., First Hawaiian Bank Vice-Chair and Friends of Hawaii Charities President, praised Master Hong’s programs such as the Respiratory and Asthma Humanitarian Events and the Senior Citizen program of Qi Gong and natural healing.