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Natural Healing Research Foundation & Master Hong
NHRF held an Asthma Humanitarian Event on Kauai in 2004, then expanded the event to include Honolulu, the Oahu West area, and three locations on Hawaii Island—Hilo, Kohala, and Kona. Through these thrice-yearly events, Master Hong and the NHRF have serviced approximately 5,000 people with asthma, allergies, and lung related diseases. The events were organized to cover locations that include greater percentages of the Native Hawaiian population. Each of these events was developed using research co-sponsored by the University of Hawaii and Native Hawaiian organizations including Alu Like and Partners in Development.

The Natural Healing Health Series was designed to address those diseases for which Native Hawaiians are at high risk including heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and obesity. The programs focus on education, prevention, rehabilitation, and research, and focuses on the root causes—lifestyle, diet, and hereditary factors.

In order to contribute in the fight against the devastating drug problems in Hawaii, the Foundation partnered with the University of Hawaii on two research-based residential, multiple-intervention drug programs in which 65-75% of the participants were of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

The Foundation’s Qi Centers on Oahu and Kauai provide on-going Qi Gong exercise classes for seniors ages 65 and over and a program for the Kupunas. Both programs are free and have been well received with additional classes being opened.

The NHRF has also gone to areas with greater percentages of Native Hawaiian ancestry and worked with teachers and staff to educate about natural healing and self-healing approaches for children. This enables the educators to empower the children to avoid the diseases for which Native Hawaiians are at high risk. Through an alliance with Partners in Development, partnering on the “Tutu Qi and Me” program, specific programs are being taught throughout the State of Hawaii to help children learn good natural health habits at an early age.

The foundation has used natural healing methods in support of Native Hawaiian culture and the arts by supporting the health and longevity of Hawaii’s living treasures through treatment and education.

By fostering healthy, successful athletes and artists in Hawaii, NHRF heightens the spirit of the community in Hawaii.

Other than a small amount of government support for the drug rehabilitation program and minimal support from other organizations, the brunt of the financial weight for these programs has been borne by the NHRF. All those tirelessly working in the NHRF have done so on a volunteer basis. Due to the success of these efforts, NHRF’s contributions toward health and well being have been recognized by the Hawaii State Legislature – House and Senate, Hawaii State Governor Linda Lingle, and U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka, with Master Hong being named a Living Treasure of the State of Hawaii.

Master Hong and NHRF have a vision of building the NHRF Research, Education and Training Center to further this work and their joint commitment to improving the health and welfare of the Hawaiian community. The center will be used to train doctors and other health practitioners, promote research, and provide education and exercise programs for Hawaii’s community-at-large. With your good energy and generosity, we can make this dream a reality.

Mahalo nui loa to our generous supporters.