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Master Hong
Master Hong

Body Pyramid Workshop in Los Angeles
Program Information
When: Saturday,
February 13, 2010

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where: Embassy Suites
Los Angeles-Glendale

800 North Central Ave.,
Glendale, CA 91203
Click here for hotel information.
Cost: $195
Includes lunch and a Body Pyramid
Contact: (626) 701-4388
Strengthen and create better balance in your body from the inside out. SEE and FEEL powerful results immediately without feeling pain or soreness like other exercise programs. BODY PYRAMID™ Qi Gong is dynamic, yet easy and suitable for those with a busy lifestyle. It will help you look and feel your very best...no matter your age or condition. No other exercise system is so gentle to your body while giving it a workout from the inside out.

I lost 50 lbs after 3 months of standing on the Body Pyramid! (57-year-old furniture factory owner)

I typically don’t have enough time during the day to exercise, so this is my go-to fitness tool that leaves me energized all day.

My PSA count went from 7.4 to 2.8 in 2 months of practicing Body Pyramid Qi Gong. (72-year-old retired doctor)

I finally found something that helps my back, neck, and shoulder pain from working long hours! (39-year-old female financial advisor)

Body Pyramid™ Qi Gong, designed by Grandmaster Hong, can help to increase sexual energy, brain function, and overall vitality. It has been shown to help conditions and symptoms of stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, chronic body pain, arthritis, and obesity while bringing strength to weakened muscles and relaxation to tight muscles.

Body Pyramid™ Qi Gong is based on and follows the natural principles of human biomechanics and the Golden Ratio, such that the slope of the Body Pyramid itself serves as a catalyst for opening the most influential acupoints of the body. It is used to develop a healthy and symmetrical outward physique, while also increasing the balance and strength of the internal organs.

They are a midway between Eastern and Western culture, medicine, and exercise, of relaxation and movement, the centerline between yin and yang. The blending of these two perspectives presents a solution for our modern-day problem of an unbalanced lifestyle.

Body Pyramid™ exercises are simple, easy, and suitable for people of all ages, active or sedentary. They can be practiced in almost any location and situation. The exercises are versatile and adapt well to today’s modern, fast-paced lifestyle. The time needed to practice is short, with no excessive muscle soreness and fatigue. The Body Pyramid™ is a means of self-preservation, realignment, rehabilitation, and revitalization while serving as a tool for humankind’s pursuit of longevity.

Success Stories:

I lost 10 lbs after just one month of practicing! (63-year-old retired school teacher & small business owner)

My menopausal symptoms went away, and my hormone levels are that of someone 15 years younger. (53-year-old real estate agent)

One month after I started doing Body Pyramid, my husband and I conceived! I am now 4 months pregnant after trying for three years. (31-year-old woman)

I had liver disease for 12 years, my numbers were so high. After practicing for 2 1/2 months, all of my numbers went to normal. (49-year-old newspaper editor)

I work almost all day at my computer on the Body Pyramid, and feel like a totally different person. (46-year-old female graphic designer)

This workshop is also the entry point for those interested in Body Pyramid™ Qi Gong teacher training or the Body Pyramid™ distributor program.

*Master Hong will have private consultations available on Friday, February 12th. If interested in scheduling a consultation, please call (626) 701-4388 or email: miracles@qimaster.com.