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Your Secret Code: Nutrition for Life
I Ching II Workshop in Honolulu
Program Information
When: Saturday,
April 10, 2010

9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Where: Qi Center Honolulu
Oahu, Hawaii
Cost: $175
Contact: (808) 947-1333
Discover Your Life Code

Would you like to know YOUR personal code for health, vitality, happiness, and longevity?

Grandmaster Hong opens this powerful new workshop. Learn modern, practical principles combined with secret ancient wisdom never taught before. Gain insight into some of the most complex health questions. Demystify and simplify nutrition, food and your health.

  • Why have eight different cancer research studies looking at the effects of nutrition of over 10,000 people repeatedly yielded inconclusive results?
  • Why does medicine repeatedly not work when sick?
  • Why do monks who live a vegetarian life still end up with heart disease & high blood pressure?

In this one-day event, Grandmaster Hong will reveal to you:

  • How to unlock YOUR individualized Password.
  • What diseases and health concerns are specific to YOU.
  • How to PREVENT these conditions.
  • YOUR specific life-long nutrition needs, for health, strength, stress, and beauty.
  • Specific acupressure points to balance YOUR energy.
  • Why are certain moods & emotions more prevalent throughout your life?
  • HOW YOU can change YOUR life.

Attain the KEY to your personalized LIFE CODE through this empowering workshop. Leave knowing which specific foods to add into your diet, along with recipes. See food in a completely different light, one that is simple, easy to understand, but most of all, allows you to feel strong, balanced, and free of sickness. Learn how food can truly be your best medicine.

Several years ago I was close to death with lung disease. I was sick, weak, and had no appetite. The only thing I craved were sunflower seeds but just had no energy to eat them. At the time, a family member had made a sunflower soup for me. Shortly after, I felt some life come back to my body, my appetite opened, and within days I was feeling almost 100% again. I had no idea that sunflower seeds were a natural life-long healing food for me until learning from Master Hong that my Life Code contains this information. I have been disease free and strong ever since. (Martin L.)

Knowing YOUR specific LIFE CODE will empower you to thrive and take control of your health, longevity and destiny. Do not wait until you are sick or weak! Know NOW how to prevent major health issues and how to increase your immunity, strength, vitality, and longevity. Based on the thousand-year old Book of Changes (I-Ching), combined with modern knowledge and research, this workshop is a one-time chance to attain your true key to health.

I learned more in 1-day of this workshop than I have in my whole life! (Janet R., 43)

Absolutely Amazing! I wish someone told me this information when I was young! (Florence M., 40)

MY GOSH! My whole entire health history makes sense! I cannot tell you how surprised and happy I am having learned this information at this workshop. Thank you Master Hong! (Jack A., 49)

Iíve never been to such a deep, yet so understandable and clear, workshop on nutrition in my entire life! (Julie P., 54)

I could not believe the results my patients have had after implementing Master Hongís information into my massage therapy practice! The specific points specific for each person have had such and incredible effect on my patients, itís incredible! (Brandon B., 38)