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Master Hong
Master Hong

China Tour 2011 with Grandmaster Hong
Feng Shui, Healing Food, Longevity, and ENERGY!
Program Information
When: May 27th - June 8th, 2011
Contact: (626) 701-4388
This all-inclusive trip will take you from Beijing to Xi'an, Huangshan Mountain, Hangzhou, and several other cities where Master Hong will delve into the rich cultural, socio-economic, political, and medical impact of Feng Shui. Learn the deeper reasons why the dynasties in Beijing lasted long, why Xi'an saw many dynasties and why Nanjing's dynasties were short yet powerful, and later faded in strength. Learn about the differences in rural versus urban Feng Shui and how these differences vastly affect the people. Master Hong will take you on a journey through China that will change your perspective on the energies of your surroundings, city, country, world. This is a rare opportunity to understand how life cycles, energy cycles, and Feng Shui impact our personal lives on an incredibly deep level.  

Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to practice qi gong, picking up energy from different locations with thousands of years of rich history. Along the way, taste and experience various healing foods, herbs, and teas for improved health, energy, and increased longevity.

12-day China Tour Includes:
  • Round trip airfare (add 1 additional day for travel)
  • All 5 -star hotel double occupancy accommodation
  • Excursion and sightseeing
  • Translation
  • All bus, train, and roundtrip air transportation to and within China
  • All daily meals, including healing and longevity foods and teas
  • Admission fees to temples and all tourist sites
  • Individual Feng Shui analysis is also included in this cost. Master Hong will request your floor plan prior to trip departure and will supply a manual for the trip.
  • Please note: The below itinerary is subject to slight change.

Additional Information and Details:

Please call or email QiMaster at: (626) 701-4388 or miracles@qimaster.com for further information.

Click here to view itinerary.