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Master Hong

Journey to the Heart of China 2009
Travel with the Grandmaster to the Source
Program Information
When: June 2-14, 2009
(Dates Subject to Change)
Contact: Lynn Thomas
(626) 445-8055
Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel with Grandmaster Hong to the source—the source of energy practices, natural healing, feng shui, culture, philosophy, and balanced eating.

Master will guide you through several sacred sites from Chinese history, philosophy, and culture that are representative of the great traditions of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Master will give you insight into how feng shui principles were applied in ancient architecture as well as in modern skyscrapers.

Master will whet your appetite with sumptuous, healthy food. Hint—sometimes it's best not to ask what it is!

Master will teach you practices to help connect with the environment and universal energy.

On a deeper level, Master will use the knowledge of the participants’ dates and times of birth and their health conditions to up the energetic ante several fold. Any experience with the Master is a treasure, but the Journey to the Heart of China promises to change your experience of life forever.

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