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Instructor Workshop
Training the Trainers

I took this course to incorporate the two [(Western and Eastern approaches)]. I see quite a bit of potential there. I want to continue with my Western medicine practice and to decrease the side effects and pain and empower patients to counteract /add to what they are receiving.

There are other healing approaches that nurses can learn but this one struck me as being much deeper and older, with centuries and centuries of trial and error already gone through. Most healing approaches only teach you how to do the healing work, they don’t teach you how to work on yourself to increase your capacity for energy flow. Plus this is very comprehensive, because I’ll be able to offer not only exercises, acupressure and energy work, but also recommendations about Chinese Healing Foods and other lifestyle changes. I see this path; it’s been laid out for me.

There are two different types of people who will want to take the Instructor Workshop: one who wants to be an instructor, and the other an enthusiast who wants to learn more with the Master and make sure that they are doing the Forms properly to gain a deeper insight into the dynamics of energy and the techniques.

Empower yourself and others to strengthen and create a better, balanced body from the inside out with BODY PYRAMID™ Qi Gong.

Master Hong’s teacher training combines the high standards of practice, required by BODY PYRAMID™ Qi Gong with the development of teaching skills, which are necessary to introduce students this practice safely and effectively. Share this powerful, dynamic practice with others!

The focus of this course is on the practice and method of teaching the foundational four BODY PYRAMID™ exercises. The ability to assist students in deepening their practice is developed throughout the course. The benefits of the sequencing and the principles of BODY PYRAMID™ Qi Gong are included as essential elements of the practice and teaching of BODY PYRAMID™ Qi Gong.

The course covers the foundational four BODY PYRAMID™ exercises, along with the specific energy systems of the body, posture, anatomy, therapeutic applications, review of Meridian theory, Internal Organs, Extraordinary Vessels, and Muscle Regions, and the philosophy of BODY PYRAMID™ Qi Gong and why it is so powerful. Each participant has the opportunity to teach, assist and give adjustments. This teacher training explores the depth of the BODY PYRAMID™ practice.

Prerequisites/Requirement: Previous enrollment in a “BODY PYRAMID™ I Workshop”

Instructor Program

Master Hong’s overall objective is to promote and develop complementary and integrative health practices through Qi Gong and other Natural Healing modalities to help people attain effective results on prevention, rehabilitation, and best East/West health practices. The objective of the certification program is to train and develop a core group of instructors and trainers to teach people the forms, practices and knowledge base of Master Hong programs—and see results.

The quality of instruction is inextricably tied to the results people will see. As such, the certification process is stringent. A candidate will have to pass a written and performance review to ensure their command of the forms, practice and knowledge will lead to tangible results for people, and complete an internship program before certification will be given.

Other forms of Master Hong's Qi Gong for Teacher Certification will be given at a future time.

For more information, please contact Master Hong's Healing Center at staff@qimaster.com or (626) 701-4388.

The workshop was amazing! Not only did you help us to review the Basic 8 [Beginning Qi Gong Workshop form], but I also enjoyed learning the ‘Golden Eight’ and the ‘12 Sitting forms.’ It is great to have additional forms to be able to help people with. I was happy that you outlined the three-thousand year history of Qi Gong and your review of Yin-Yang theory, Meridian theory, Five-Element theory, Internal Organ theory, and Muscle region theory, as well as how to teach others Qi Gong. My head is spinning with everything I need to review and practice. I want to thank you for the additional self-healing practices you taught us including how to overcome sleep, jet lag, and all the natural food recipes.

My goal is simple: I want to be a Qi Gong instructor. I want to help others with the tools that I have helped myself with. Teaching and being a force for positive change is the spirit of Qi Gong. I have seen what it has done for me and the other students, and I want to share it with others.