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2017 China 01


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13-day trip starts Oct 15:

Beijing / Xi'an / Nanjing / Huangzhou / Tiantai Mountain / Suzhou / Shanghai

11-day trip starts Oct 18:

Shanghai - then joins other group: Nanjing / Huangzhou / Tiantai Mountain / Suzhou / Shanghai

Here are the 3 once-in-a-lifetime experiences:
Experience 1

See the modern rebuilt Grand Bao'en Temple in Nanjing. In 2016 archeologists unearthed a crypt containing a piece of skull belonging to Siddhartha Gautama, known in China as Sakyamuni, better known as the original Buddha. How did it come to be under a temple in China?

Experience 2

Visit Tiantai Mountain with a Daoist temple where you will get to learn/experience a very special Qi Gong longevity energy practice and eat traditional Daoist food.

Experience 3

In Huangzhou, learn and practice Tai Chi at the Tai Chi Zen Center owned by Alibaba founder Jack Ma and martial arts movie star Jet Li.

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