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Master Hong
2017 China 01


1.13.2018 | Feng Shui 2018 Honolulu

8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Honolulu Country Club
1690 Ala Puumalu Street
For more information contact:
Phone: (808) 348-7565

1.27.2018 | Feng Shui 2018 Denver

10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Community Support Services
14292 East Evans Ave.
Aurora, CO 80014
For registration contact:
Jim Lowdermilk
Phone: (303) 482-6441
For more information contact:
Jayne Tschirhart-Short
Phone: (303) 210-1070

2.3.2018 | Feng Shui 2018 Phoenix

For more information contact:
LauRha Frankfort
Phone: (602) 956-7882

2.10.2018 | Feng Shui 2018 Kauai

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Happiness Planting Center
3343 Kanakolu Street, Lihue
For more information contact:
Dora Hong
Phone: (808) 651-8893

2.18.2018 | Feng Shui 2018 Los Angeles

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Embassy Suite
800 N. Central Avenue
Glendale, CA 91203
For more information contact:
Alexis Colianni
Phone: (626) 701-4388


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On Sunday, January 6th, the Natural Healing Research Foundation and Master Hong hosted their 15thannual Winter Immunity Event.

Every year, many people look forward to this event and count on Master Hong to teach how to follow simple natural healing practices to boost immunity for the whole year.  Many of the 100+ participants who filled the auditorium to greet Master Hong and learn his exciting new developments, have attended every year since 2004.

This year, Master Hong focused on the importance of sleep, as poor sleep is an epidemic sweeping the nation!  Many Americans suffer from sleeping trouble.  This is a major problem because all disease comes from poor sleep.  The correct, healthy amount of sleep is one-third of a 24-hour period, which means 8 hours. But in modern society, with its nervous rhythm and wrong habits, how many people have enough sleep time and good sleep quality?

However, getting 8 hours is not the most important element of good sleep!  What is important is when are you going to sleep???  The 2017 Biomedical Nobel Prize winning research confirms that all living things, cells and internal organs have a 24-hour clock time, and natural therapy, especially the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridians with more than 3,000 years behind it, has revealed that 9:00 to 11:00 pm is the time for the body’s immune function to run the most vigorously in the Triple Heater meridian. That is to say, people should stop all work and activities before 9:00 pm and go to bed. This is the natural rhythm of breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation slowing down, and the human body begins to build the immune system.  Please take a look at all cancer patients, and those with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, mental depression, anxiety, and stress disorder – which of them are sleeping at 9 o’clock in the evening?? When sleep is poor, the immune system is disordered, loses function, and all diseases follow. Modern medicine is developed, new drugs are developed, but why are cancer, cardiovascular disease, sudden death, stroke, high blood pressure and other diseases increased?   Even though the 2018 Biomedical Nobel Prize Winners found special proteins in the body to help fight cancer, if the body is not sleeping during 9-11pm, these proteins cannot be metabolized, transmuted and transported through the body.  So, how can we adjust the disordered sleep rhythm to avoid these problems?

 At first, it can be difficult for people to change their sleeping patterns.  This year, Master Hong taught four different sleep exercises to help people adjust to sleeping earlier than they are accustomed.

  1. The Daoist sleep method, which first balances the internal organs so that then the body can easily sleep. There are three different poses to choose from in this method.
  2. Buddhist “sleeping Buddha,” to cleanse the spirit and the body and help the heart calm down for good sleep.
  3. Medical Qi Gong sleep method of sending energy down.
  4. The method used by the military on the battlefield, the first step is to tighten, then relax and fall asleep quickly.

This is very important, Master Hong told participants, because excess body fat, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure all come from poor sleep.  No people who suffer from these problems go to sleep by 9pm!

Like a swimmer or a surfer following the ocean tide, the body must follow the flow of universal energy.  This is natural healing!  High level doctors know that we must follow time and space for health and healing.  There is also a yearly cycle, which the Natural Healing Research Foundation follows to determine the dates for their Summer Respiratory Event to strengthen the respiratory system for the whole year, as well as the dates for the Winter Immunity Event.

At this year’s event, Master Hong gave 24 methods for natural healing to do during wintertime to boost the body’s immunity for the whole year!  Everyone who attended the event went home with 24 simple, easy, 2,000-year time tested natural healing tools to practice as preventative medicine!

People’s feedback from this year’s Winter Immunity Event was that it was a very good program, and the Natural Healing Research Foundation and volunteers provided very good service. “There was more detail and the program was more powerful and better service than ever,” one happy client recalled.

The Natural Healing Research Foundation and Master Hong are very happy that they can provide good service and affect good health on this community that has been supporting the Natural Healing Research Foundation for 15 years.  Their goal is to share Natural Healing tools so that everyone can easily enjoy good health.

Thank you to all our wonderful Sponsors, Donors, Teachers, Volunteers, Friends and Supporters!

Large Donors/Contributors

Elahe Mir-Djalali

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